Resolution of Support for President Jon Whitmore

Passed by the Faculty Senate on February 8, 2006


WHEREAS Dr. David Smith recently announced his resignation as Chancellor of the Texas Tech University System; and


WHEREAS Texas Tech University has seen two changes in the chancellorship and three changes in the presidency during the past five years; and


WHEREAS continuity in the university executive leadership is important for the continuity of academic programs and continued growth in the prestige of the university; and


WHEREAS Dr. Jon Whitmore has well served Texas Tech University as President by increasing faculty salaries, gaining additional faculty to service enrollment increases, and working with the Texas Tech Faculty Senate to establish a faculty lounge and change and adopt University Operating Procedures that advance the interests of the faculty; therefore,


BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Faculty Senate meeting on this 8th day of February 2006 re-affirms its support of President Jon Whitmore; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT copies of this resolution be distributed to President Jon Whitmore, Chancellor David Smith, and members of the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents.