Resolution Urging a Comprehensive Examination of the TTU System

Passed by the Faculty Senate, February 8, 2006


WHEREAS the Texas Tech University System has effectively linked together its constituent universities and schools and heightened the profile of them all; but


WHEREAS system administration annually costs many millions of dollars, the vast majority of which are drawn from these universities and schools rather than from State of Texas funds appropriated for the System; and


WHEREAS many of these institutions are now themselves being asked in the upcoming budgeting cycle to undertake cuts in their own maintenance and operations funds and to delay the filling of vacancies order to keep budgets in balance; and


WHEREAS the interim between permanent chancellors offers a potential opportunity for the Board of Regents to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the Texas Tech University System as presently constituted;


BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Faculty Senate meeting on this 8th day of February 2006  urges the Board of Regents to use the interim before the appointment of a new permanent chancellor to reexamine the Texas Tech University Systemís operating budget, formal operating procedures, designated responsibilities, and relationships between the chancellor and the university presidents in order to ensure that any unnecessary functions are curtailed, that any system level functions that could be more efficiently carried out at lower levels be devolved to those levels, and that the System itself attempt to achieve fiscal economies similar to those being asked of its constituent parts. 


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT copies of this resolution be distributed to Chancellor David Smith, President Jon Whitmore, and members of the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents.