Texas Tech University Faculty Senate

Senate Liaisons

Many university councils and committees have senators assigned as liaisons to participate in their meetings, normally in an non-voting capacity, and to report back items of interest or actions that might pertain to the business of the Senate. In some cases, the officers of the Senate automatically function as liaisons; in other cases, liaisons are named by the Senate president and Agenda Committee with the consultation of the Committee on Committees.

Academic Shane Blum (Faculty Senate Vice President)
Enrollment Management Christine Alvarado (Faculty Senate Secretary)
Graduate Gopal Lakhani
International Affairs Mary Frances Agnello
Provost James H. Smith (Faculty Senate President)
Strategic Planning David Thompson
Thomas Barker
Affirmative Action vacant
General Education Gene Wilde
Gloria Lyerla Library Memorial Fund Lynn Whitfield
Intellectual Property Rights vacant
Recruitment, Admissions, and Retention vacant
Sexual Harassment vacant
TLTC Advisory David Malone
University Center Board Shane Blum (Faculty Senate Vice President)
Student Senate Tai Kreidler
Campus Transportation Advisory Board vacant