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MailTech of Texas Tech University serves as the departmental post office for the campus. We provide a full range of mailing services, commercial carrier services, and campus mail services for Texas Tech University. This includes the sorting and delivery of incoming United States Postal Service (USPS) mail, processing of departmental Business Reply Mail and postage due mail, pick up and delivery of campus mail, and processing of outgoing departmental First-Class Mail, Third-Class Mail, expedited services, parcel, international, and special service USPS mail. We also process commercial carrier overnight and deferred service consignments for departments. If you have a question, please contact us.

MailTech does not process bulk mail. However, MailTech does pay postage and process billing for bulk mail through a permit with USPS once the bulk mailing is prepared. For any questions, please call MailTech at (806) 742-2286 or send an email to MailTech@ttu.edu.

Additionally, MailTech acts as the campus point of contact on mailing information from the United States Postal Service and various commercial carriers providing service to Texas Tech University. To perform this mission, MailTech functions as a cost center.

MailTech's manager holds membership in three organizations:

  • Mail Systems Management Association MSMA
  • National Association of College and University Mail Services NACUMS
  • Southwest Association of College and University Mail Services SWACUMS

Available Services

MailTech provides the following services for Texas Tech University official activities:

  • Mail pick up and delivery twice daily service for recognized campus mail stops
  • Domestic and International mail metering and dispatch
  • Commercial carrier dispatch
  • Business Reply Mail (BRM) and Postage Due mail processing
  • Campus mail service
  • Locator and forwarding service for undeliverable mail
  • Consulting service for mail piece design and processing and mailing or postage issues

MailTech couriers provide mail pick up and delivery service to more than 200 separate TTU mail stop locations daily.

Commercial Carriers

MailTech maintains accounts with the following commercial carriers for various services: FedEx and UPS. Consignments for these carriers may be left with the MailTech carrier, brought directly to the MailTech customer service counter, or picked up on request by MailTech’s parcel courier. MailTech has online manifesting systems with FedEx and UPS. Departmental staff preparing commercial carrier shipping documents must ensure accuracy in delivery addresses, shipper contact information, and reference information (Banner account number). Please provide a street address for delivery, as commercial carriers cannot deliver to a post office box.To process your own shipments from your computer and print your own air bills , you can use CampusShip with UPS and Passkey with FedEx . Please email MailTech to request access and instructions. MailTech can forward shipments to international destinations via DHL when necessary. Contact MailTech to make arrangements for this service. Departments retain responsibility for the correct and accurate preparation of commercial invoices and customs documentation for international shipments, as well as proper hazardous materials documentation.

Departmental Billing

MailTech prepares a weekly billing cycle for every account receiving a chargeable service during the week. The billing cycle runs from Sunday to Monday. The itemized, computer-generated billing contains information concerning types of service, number of pieces charged, respective subtotals, and an overall total for that specific Banner account. MailTech will send each department a monthly statement of the charges. Account managers with rejected charges will receive a call or email from MailTech's Business Assistants to decide upon the best course of action to clear up the outstanding invoice.

Departments may add new accounts, lock outdated or unfunded accounts, or change account information as they deem appropriate. Departments must either send a memorandum to MailTech at MS 5017, or email MailTech concerning account information changes.

Mail Stops

MailTech provides pickup and delivery service twice daily to established campus mail stops. This entails an annual fee based on volume of mail picked up and received. The annual fee for mail stops covers the mailing of individual pieces of campus mail by departments. Campus mailings consisting of more than 50 pieces of mail retain a charge of $.05 per piece for processing purposes.

University organizations with a need for an additional end-of-business-day outgoing mail pick up may additionally request daily "last run" services. Activities and organizations receiving last run or off-campus service have an additional annual charge added to the annual mail stop fee. Mail stop fees incur in the first or second month of the new fiscal year.

Each activity or organization receiving mail stop service from MailTech has assigned to them a four-digit mail stop code. This code serves as your activities'/organization's campus mail distribution number. This mail stop code also forms the core of each department’s postal delivery address for USPS Mail. This code uniquely identifies your department. Address all mail — except TTU campus mail — using the address format found on our website. TTU campus mail may have only the person's name and/or department with the four digit code under it. On this website you will find a complete list of active campus mail stops and their physical addresses. To find the list, scroll down to the bottom of the right-side navigation panel and click on the link you want to access.

An official activity or organization of Texas Tech University may request initiation of and/or a change to mail stop service at any time. The requesting activity should send a memorandum to MailTech. The memo should address the specific service requested, list a precise delivery and pick up location, and provide an account number to charge for the service.

Operating Policy/Use of MailTech Services

Texas Tech University Operating Policy 67.01 governs campus mailing services operated by MailTech. The procedural mailing information reflected in this guide reflect the requirements of this operating policy. The university, its various colleges, departments, activities, and recognized faculty, staff, and student organizations may use Texas Tech's campus mail services for official TTU business only. Under Texas Tech University Board of Regents Policy 03.06, use of campus mail by non-Texas Tech University entities is not authorized; those entities must submit mail to campus location through the US Postal Services. That requirement reinforces the requirements of the Federal Private Express Statutes. Likewise, use of the campus mail to transmit such items between mail stops as personal funds, chain letters, partisan political ads, commercial solicitations, or other non-official material is not authorized. Should MailTech staff detect a possible misuse of campus mail, we will inform the department head or appropriate account manager for action deemed appropriate by the account manager or department head.

Oversized On-Campus Parcels

MailTech's parcel service will pick up and deliver boxes or other oversized pieces to any on campus site or to the local off-campus sites for a small fee. You may arrange for this service by calling 2-2286. Mail stop to mail stop parcel service will incur a charge comparable to the lowest USPS parcel rate for the weight of the parcel to the sending department's account.

Suspicious Mail

MailTech personnel have been trained to recognize mail or packages that might be detrimental to the health of the university population and to ensure that suspicious mail is eliminated from distribution. However, if departments or activities receive something they consider suspicious, Environmental Health & Safety, in conjunction with the university police and MailTech, has established protocol for university personnel to follow if the piece is truly suspicious.

  • Do not touch the piece after the initial contact
  • Call your supervisor to verify your concerns and continue with the following steps ONLY if your concerns are verified
  • Stop all activities and evacuate all personnel in the immediate vicinity of the piece
  • Turn off all air handling equipment and close all doors and windows in the area
  • Call university police at (806) 742-3931 and MailTech at (806) 742-2286

Business Reply Mail

MailTech maintains a business reply mail permit with the USPS for processing business reply mail returning to departments. The use of Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) allows Texas Tech University to pay postage costs in advance on mailed replies received from prospective and current students, customers of service departments, academic and administrative surveys, and similar activities. Whereas some classes of mail and mailing services allow some latitude to the mailer in regards to layout, design, and addressing, QRBM has extremely precise addressing and formatting guidelines that require strict adherence to. Templates exist for 1-ounce, 2-ounce, and flat-sized mail pieces. USPS regulations require 10 copies of each new business reply mail piece be submitted with an application for approval. All incoming business reply mail dispatched under Permit 28 comes to MailTech for appropriate charge back of postage, after which the respective departments will receive their mail.

Confidential Mail

In addition to distinctly marking the addressee’s name and mail stop on mail designated as confidential, senders should clearly write or stamp the word "confidential" on the envelope and seal the envelope securely. To secure confidential mail, seal the envelope, initial over the flap of the seal, then place clear adhesive tape so that the tape covers the initials and both edges of the flap. The addressee will easily verify if the integrity of the mail piece has been compromised. MailTech will alert the affected departments in case of a problem with a possible breach of campus mail confidentiality. However, enforcement of violations of confidentiality remains a departmental responsibility under the auspices of Texas Tech University Operating Policy 70.31.

Domestic Letter Mail

MailTech holds the responsibility of processing outgoing domestic First-Class Mail and departmental letter mail, including the applying of postage and dispatch to either Texas Tech University’s First-Class presort vendor or to the United States Postal Service. MailTech will pick up this mail during the routine mail stop service provided to the department or activity. Call 2-2286 to arrange a special pick up should the volume exceed a full postal tray or tub.

In order to expedite processing and delivery of outgoing letter mail, departments should adhere to USPS established postal automation address standards. To find these standards go on-line at www.usps.gov. Departments should also ensure that a complete Texas Tech return address and accurate account number appear in the upper left hand corner return address portion of the envelope. For a complete list of approved return addresses, please look at the right-side navigation panel, where you will find links to our mail stop list. MailTech staff will make every effort to dispatch every piece received without delay. MailTech will return letters which do not have a Texas Tech University return address, do not have a recognizable or clear recipient address, do not meet USPS physical mail piece size and content mailability requirements,or appear personal in nature to the appropriate account manager for correction.

Incoming and Forwarding Mail

MailTech receives incoming mail between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM from the US Postal Service. MailTech staff sort this mail to the respective mail stops based on class; incoming expedited and First-Class Mail has priority in delivery, followed by periodical and bulk mail. MailTech sorts and delivers mail based upon the delivery address appearing on the piece of mail. MailTech researches addresses of mail arriving at Texas Tech University without a correct or clear mailing address to ensure correct delivery. Mail with a generic university address will require opening by a MailTech Supervisor to ensure correct delivery; to reflect this, MailTech's Supervisor will stamp the mail piece to indicate reason for opening the mail. Departments are responsible for returning forwardable mail to MailTech with a correct forwarding address if the correct address is known. MailTech returns the mail to the USPS, who will then distribute the piece to its recipient.

Meter Postage

MailTech takes responsibility to carry meter and permit postage for outgoing USPS mail. This postage purchased in advance and as needed from the USPS, and added to MailTech’s three postage metering machines, will meet department's mailing needs. Departments incur a weekly bill for use of this postage based on the appropriate postage rate for the service desired to the account number provided. Departments that desire to use postage stamps for personal mail may purchase stamps from PostTech, Texas Tech University’s personal postage center and a US Postal Service contract station. PostTech is located in the Student Union Building on the first floor.

Official Return Address Format

Mail dispatched from Texas Tech University using official funds must have a complete and correct Texas Tech University return address.

Return addresses should appear as follows:

TTU Department Name: TTU MailTech
Building/Room Number: Academic Support Center, Room 144
BOX 4####: Box 45017
Lubbock, TX 79409-####: Lubbock, TX 79409-5017

(#### indicates the four-digit mail stop number)

Postage Due

Through Texas Tech University's policy we accept mail delivered by the USPS intended for official business or activities marked Postage Due. This includes mail that bears insufficient postage as well as returning pieces incurring additional postal charges due to the service requested by the sending department. MailTech advances funds to the USPS to cover these charges. As with Business Reply Mail, incoming postage due mail and address updates with additional charges come to MailTech separate from the routine daily mail delivery. MailTech then sorts the mail and charges the postage back to the department who will receive the mail on the next campus mail delivery run.

MailTech must have notification in advance when a department intends to ship hazardous material through the USPS or through one of its commercial carrier accounts. The department must ensure that all required documents are with the shipment, including the current Safety Data Sheet (SDS), and have a properly packed and labeled shipment. Under no circumstances will MailTech accept for shipment hazardous goods which are improperly packed, improperly labeled, or which lack a copy of the relevant SDS. MailTech staff actively coordinates with hazardous materials specialists from Environmental Health & Safety and will refer any questionable shipment to that office for examination prior to dispatch. Prior coordination with MailTech will ensure that you will have the correct packaging and labeling information for your shipment.

SOP 60.13 Hazardous Materials Shipping

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