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The Office of Sustainability for the Texas Tech University campus is also known as SustainTech. SustainTech is an effort made up of Texas Tech departments, faculty/staff members, and students — as well as the Lubbock community. SustainTech is more than a green effort, but is helping Texas Tech become more efficient (including energy management strategies). SustainTech can only be successful with your help! Become a SustainTech Partner and help keep Texas Tech green, clean, and proficient.

Recycling Numbers

Total Annual Recycled Materials

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Campus Efforts

In Fiscal Year '14 the Texas Tech campus recycled 1,143,990 lbs or 571.995 tons *90,637 lbs more than FY13!*

Custom Recycle Stations

University Student Housing has replaced recycle bin stations around campus with personalized bins made from recycled milk jugs. The personalized recycle bins are made up of 1,494 recycled milk jugs and can hold 22 gallons of recyclable materials. University Student Housing's goal is to place one in every resident hall. There are currently four installed on campus.

Cricket AutoMops

In order to efficiently mop the Texas Tech campus, Custodial services has started using the cricket auto mop. The cricket auto mop is safer, more hygienic, easier to use, and more sustainable. It is a combination of a mop and an autoscrubber. It leaves the floor dry, reduces slip-n-falls and cleans with clean water which prevents the spread of dirty water.

Operations Division Services has begun implementing new, eco-friendly and green cleaning programs around campus.

Contact Information

Carey Hewett, Operations Division Services Director and Campus Sustainability Officer

Office of Sustainability
Operations Division
608 N. Knoxville Ave., Suite 101
Lubbock, TX 79415

  • Phone: (806) 742-9777
  • Mail Stop: 3142
  • Box: 43142
  • Fax: (806) 742-9780
Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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