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About Texas Tech Shredding Service

Texas Tech's Shredding and Recycling Service provides secure document disposal for all TTU departments located on campus. Texas Tech Shredding Service follows strict procedures for security and offers the best prices available to the campus.

Our Process

Texas Tech Shredding Service ensures that all documents are transported, shredded and recycled. Texas Tech Shredding Service is a member of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and follows strict security standards. Texas Tech Shredding Service prides itself on customer service and satisfaction, to uphold our end we want to show you how we will do this.

Sign-Up for our Texas Tech Shredding Service, or simply call 742-TEAR if you need a one-time pick-up.

  1. Our friendly Document Care Technician will arrive on site and pick-up your locked shred bin documents, boxes or other materials to be safely shredded and recycled and leave you with a clean and empty bin to begin filling again immediately.
  2. All materials remain in a safe, locked bin to ensure privacy protection. These are then placed into our locked Texas Tech Shredding Service truck and driven off-site to our secure shredding services area.
  3. Our technicians then take each locked container and feeds it into our shredding machine, which processes up to 2 tons of paper an hour.
  4. Our results from our shredding services are then recycled. For more information.
  5. The process begins again when your conveniently scheduled service date arrives or on-call, whichever comes first.

Pick-Up Services and Pricing

Texas Tech Shredding Service's prices are set to provide the Texas Tech community the best prices available as well as provide a secure shredding service that meets the best prices available.

Lockable Containers:

  • 32-gallon (small) locked bin: $20/pickup
  • 64-gallon (medium) locked bin: $35/pickup
  • 96-gallon (large) locked bin: $50/pickup


  • Copy paper size box: $4/box

For different size boxes or unusual circumstances, call (806) 742-TEAR for an estimate


Texas Tech Shredding Service has established processes to bale and recycle all paper that is collected and shredded.

This is a mutually beneficial arrangement for your department and Texas Tech University's sustainability efforts. Your documents are shredded, baled, and shipped in bulk to the pulp factories or local recyclers, where these bales will be recycled and used in exciting, new products. Your department's sensitive information will be kept secure, all while helping the Texas Tech promote a culture of recycling and environmental responsibility.

Contact Information

Andrew JacoTexas Tech Shredding Service Manager

Grantham Plant, Room 101
608 N. Knoxville Ave.
Lubbock, TX 79409

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Staff Information