About Services

The Operations Division Services Section ensures daily custodial services are available to educational and general (E&G) buildings, provides contract custodial services to auxiliary facilities as requested, maintains the university's vehicle fleet, operates a vehicle rental fleet, provides trash retrieval and disposal throughout campus, paper and plastic bottle recycling for E&G buildings, a secure shredding service, and maintains the Office of Sustainability for the Texas Tech University campus.

Central Warehouse

The Central Warehouse provides a central receiving point for campus freight deliveries, forklift and delivery services, and table/chair rentals.
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Custodial Services provides daily custodial service to E&G buildings.
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Refuse Collection

Refuse Collection provides dumpster services and recycling dumpsters for the campus, including all educational and general use buildings, and auxiliary services.
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The Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability was designed to be the public face for sustainability at Texas Tech, providing national reporting on Tech's sustainability efforts.
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Red Raider Shredding Service

Our shredding service provides secure document shredding and recycling for the campus.
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Transportation Services includes Fleet Management, Garage Service, Rental
Fleet, and the Fueling Station.
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