2013 Highlights

  • Assisted with the submission of the APPA Award for Excellence.
  • Reviewed/renewed purchasing contracts for all commodities, continued annual savings over $50,000
  • Purchased new floor stripping equipment to reduce need for chemical stripping –provides safer environment for employees
  • Placed new recycling containers in most E&G buildings on campus
  • Purchased carpet cleaning equipment to meet new demands
  • Custodial staff had Christmas pot-luck dinner
  • Began new custodial service for International Cultural Center, saving the department substantially on their custodial cost (vs. outside contractor)
  • Rebid football game-day service for Athletic Department, continuing custodial service (vs. outside contractor)
  • Through July, 7 days of lost-time injury
  • Purchased new dumpster truck
  • Purchased new custodial supply delivery truck
  • Purchased new vehicle for dumpster transportation, developed new lift mechanism for safely moving dumpsters—working with Research, Commercialization and Federal Relations department regarding patent
  • Garage maintained positive revenue account and allowed to purchase needed equipment, small increase in fund balance (second year for positive revenue account)

2014 Focus

  • Automate custodial supply and delivery paperwork
  • Continue to monitor cost for commodities
  • Provide LEED certification for Petroleum Engineering Building for custodial services
  • Increase number of recycling locations in E&G buildings
  • Safety
  • Continue to develop employees with available training
  • Attend sustainability conference
  • Ms. Flores to begin accreditation process with APPA