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External Vice President Committees

Transportation Advisory Fee Committee

Duty: Will work with CITIBUS to develop efficient bus routes and evaluate the current services. The committee will also monitor other services such as Safe Ride and the campus night shuttle.

Recreational Advisory Fee Committee

Duty: Will work with the Rec Sports staff to discuss new additions to the equipment, facility upgrades, and improvements to the Rec Sports department. The committee will also establish the final fee charge for the Rec Center Fee.

City Involvement Committee

Duty: Will meet with city officials discuss issues that effect students and conununity members. The members will work as a partnership between the Lubbock City Council and the Chamber of Commerce to improve community relations for students as well as the citizens of Lubbock.

Recycling Committee

Duty: Will meet to discuss ways of improving the current recycling program on campus. This committee will also find ways for the entire Texas Tech system to implement a green plan to make sure that we leave the smallest carbon footprint possible while here at Texas Tech.