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Noorulanne Jan

Hello Red Raiders!
My name is Noorulanne Jan, just call me Nora, and I am a sophomore English major from Houston, Texas. Though my title lists my position, there’s a lot more to it that I hope to accomplish. Any director of diversity’s primary responsibility is to, by entitlement, promote diversity. As the director of diversity for Texas Tech’s SGA, I’d like to do a lot more than that. My goals are to promote diversity on campus and within our student body. Aside from academia, a complete college experience happens through exposure to things we, as students, are not used to. Cultural awareness, acceptance, and respect are all things I aim to represent here on our beautiful campus by holding events such as: Cultural themed festivals, informational speakers, and multiple collaborations with on campus organizations that represent different areas of the world.





Responsibilities & Initiatives

Goals, plans, and ideas for 2013-2014 academic year:

September- Hispanic Heritage Month. I will want to create an event that is Hispanic themed with representation from different Hispanic organizations on campus (there are a ton!)
   October- No national cultural holiday, however I’d like to have an event with the Saudi Students Association and the Muslim Students Association, because both tie in the region and religion of the Middle East.
November- Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) is this month as is the Hindu festival Diwali. I’d like to stretch to make two events happen, however since there is already an event that will show case Hispanic culture, I’d like to focus on Diwali. The Indian Students Association on campus is a great club to get involved in on this event as well as the Bangladeshi Students Association.
December- Kwanzaa is going to be celebrated in December in 2013. The African Students Association on campus is quite dormant and I feel as if they would like some attention given to their culture, because the culture is so rich! In addition, the Black Students Association, in my opinion, would love to participate in this as well. Realistically I really want to collaborate an event and presentation with them in December, but because of finals the schedule of the event is still tentative.