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Peyton Craig

My fellow Red Raiders,
My name is Peyton Craig; I am a junior Political Science major from Houston, Texas. This year I am truly humbled to serve as your External Vice President. This student body has so much to bring to Tech and the community around it and I am excited to help connect you to the opportunity before us.
This year I plan on increasing our campus’s sustainability efforts through increased recycling, better use of our natural plants and so many other factors that can contribute to a more sustainable Texas Tech. I also have the opportunity to represent you, the students, to local, state and national officials and voice your rights and needs. Lastly, I oversee the transportation at Texas Tech, as well as the safe-ride, Safe-Bus and Safe-Nite services.
Please take advantage of all the services you have available at this incredible university. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or come up to the SGA office on the third floor of the sub.
Enjoy your year and never stop striving!
Thanks and Wreck ‘em,

Peyton Craig
External Vice President