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Jill Berger


Dear fellow Raiders,

As the 49th Session Internal Vice President of the Student Government Association and President of the Student Senate, I plan to help lead a year that is full of positive changes for the student body.

The Senate constitutes the legislative branch and it is full of bright minds with intelligent individuals with great potential to help the students of Texas Tech University. The Senate consists of 68 students elected from their respected colleges and as their President, I will always encourage, educate, as well as hold each Senator accountable for properly representing their constituents by writing relevant legislation for the student body.

My three main goals for the 2013-2014 school year is to increase SGA visibility to the student body, engage the senators more with the students, and increase enrollment for student organizations on campus. The biggest change I am implementing to the Student Senate that will increase our visibility is changing office hours to where the Senators will hold mobile offices in their respected colleges. They will be tabled events biweekly where the Senators can effectively talk and be more in tuned with the concerns of their constituents. This will be an opportunity for students to see who their Senators are and for them to talk to them openly. Senators will also be doing outreach events to every student organization in their college at least twice a semester. Another way our visibility will be increased is that our legislation for Senate meetings will be posted on our SGA website. This gives students an efficient way to see what the Senate is doing and a way for them to comment on legislation, that way Senators will be more in tuned with the students opinions and be able to have more of an informed and intelligent vote at Senate meetings.

I am going to work side by side with RHA and Center for Campus Life for to help increase student involvement for student organizations. I believe that student involvement in organizations on campus is a key to collegiate success and learning life and business skills for future careers outside of college. With more than 500 registered student organizations and counting, there is definitely a organization that is fit for every student on campus.

I am looking forward to a great year and a great 49th Session. If you ever have any concerns or issues you would like to talk to me about, please know my office is always open. It is located on the third floor of the SUB, room 302. Thanks and Wreck ‘Em!


-Jill Berger
SGA Internal Vice President

Responsibilities & Initiatives