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David Polcari


Fellow Red Raiders,

I am proud to have the opportunity to serve as the Director of Outreach for the upcoming school year. As Director of Outreach it is my job to facilitate interaction between the executive branch and the student body, as well as working with the Public Relations Director to ensure the student body is aware and up to date on the happenings of Student Government.

While campaigning in the past few years one of the complaints I frequently heard from students was, "We only hear from/see you guys during campaign season," and I couldn't help but agree with them. That is why I have decided to try something new with my position this year. I plan to coordinate throughout the year an "executive campaign" similar to the campaigns candidates perform each spring. The executives will go to a set number of student organizations each week and update the students on SGA affairs as well as hear students ideas on issues that matter to them.

Additionally, I plan to use this position as a podium to help advertise the idea of expanding the rec center/creating a satellite rec center. This topic is of paramount importance to the students, and it is extremely important that as many Red Raiders are informed, and given an opportunity to voice their opinion on this issue as possible. I shall also continue my push for biking initiatives on campus to improve transportation options for students. Last spring the Board of Regents voted to make Tech a free range campus allowing students to ride their bikes on the sidewalk. I see this as the first step of many Tech needs to take to become recognized as a Bicycling Friendly Campus as recognized by the League of American Bicyclists.

I truly am excited for the upcoming year and optimistic about the position Texas Tech University is maneuvering themselves into for the future. It truly is a great time to have the privilege to call yourself a Red Raider. And remember, from here it's possible.

Wreck 'Em

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