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SORC - Student Organization Representative Council

(Formerly SOAC)

As announced at the September 22nd SOAC/SORC meeting, we have redesigned SOAC in hopes of creating an environment that promotes collaboration, feedback and increased communication. In an effort to facilitate this, we have renamed SOAC to Student Organization Representative Council or SORC. All of the registered student organizations at TTU have been divided into individual categories and assigned an SGA representative to gain feedback and communicate with organizations and a Budget & Finance Representative to help the organizations through applying for funds. Each category meets at different times as determined by the members of that specific category.

Information about meeting times and representatives can be found below. Each category site also has a list of the organizations that fall under that category. If you do not find your organization, please email Josh Frost at and he will assign you to the category that best describes your organization.


SORC Categories

Categories are determined based on your registration with Student Union & Activities as well as your academic affiliation.