Texas Tech University

Freshman Leadership Association


One (1) Advisor

He/she must work in the office

Preferably the Freshman Involvement Coordinator, but not required

Ten (10) Members

Each member will be assigned a mentor who works in the office as following:

Two (2) to the Journal Clerk

Two (2) to the Legislative Liaison

Two (2) to the Chief of Staff

Two (2) to the Internal Vice President

One (1) to the External Vice President

One (1) to the President

Each member will complete three (3) service hours per week in the office

They will agree to a sign-in process at the discretion of the mentor

Hours must be completed during normal office hours (8am -5pm) unless otherwise cleared with the advisor and the mentor

Each member will attend a monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of every month


Each set of ten students will serve an approximate amount of two (2) months. Each term will have unique responsibilities pertaining to their term.

The committee will select all members at the beginning of the year to fill each term.

At the end of each term, one week will overlap with the next term in order to instruct incoming members on ongoing projects and furthering responsibilities.


Freshman Event Coordinators

Plan events for Guadalupe Elementary

Help with Fundraising

Any other tasks the mentor might need help with

Selection Process

A committee of five (5) Senators/office staff will narrow the selection pool to twenty (20) applicants

The selected applicants will undergo a 5 minutes interview process

The panel of interviewers will consist of the office staff and the Freshman Involvement Coordinator