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First Year Engagement

First Year Engagement Director: Adrian

Freshman Council

Freshman Council Advisor: Adrian Romo

Each September, the incoming freshman class elects 30 representatives to the Freshman Council. Freshman Council serves as the voice of the freshman class to the faculty, staff and administration. Freshman Council works closely with the Student Senate on Freshman Initiatives.

Freshman Council sponsors "Freshman Pass Out" during finals where they hand out scantrons, blue books, water, granola bars to freshman. There are also often massage chairs and other amenities for freshman to enjoy while preparing for finals. Freshman Council, along with Freshman Leadership Association and SGA, also sponsors Fall Festival at Parkway Elementary School for underpriveleged children.

Katie Ullrich,Austin Everett,Joe Heller,Beckie Irvin,Emily Petrosky,Lauren Hutchens,Logan Miller,Ben Sharp,Emily Street,
Victor Lopez,Bri Ellison,Chris Mitchell,Maddie Holman,Bill Snyder,Lydia Horehlad,Stewart Park,Larken Lundgren,Witt Westbrook,
Dayna Debeau,Guy Tom Kellogg,Greyson Fewin,Karson Jones,Max Randolph

Not Pictured:Teddy Daniels,Erica Lopez,Cynthia McLaughlin,Vincent Panzarino,Saugat Parajulee,Haley Raymond,Andrew Venincasa


Freshman Leadership Association

Freshman Leadership Association Advisor:

Each fall, SGA selects three groups of ten interns to work side by side with the Executive Officers and staff. These students assist with various duties and receive first hand experience with how the SGA office operates. The internships last two months and take place at different intervals throughout the year.

Gracen Daniel,Haley Neal,Hannah Cleveland,Brianna Perrin,Lauren Shulman,Mason Sieling,Layne Mims,Harley Puett,John Michael Getz
Clara Tarigan ,Amy Daughters,Natalie Ford,Scott Sheffieck,Sydney Smith,Kendra Hill

Transfer Council

Transfer Council Advisor: