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Contact: Katherine Taylor, Account Manager


We have revamped the website so that all the information for student organizations is in one place. This site provides pertinent information, forms, and dates to all student organizations, especially those organizations who receive funding from SGA. Hopefully, many of your questions will be answered by the information provided on this site; however if it does not, please feel free to email us, call or come by our office.
We look forward to working with each of you!

If you have questions about your registration, risk management training, or SGA funding you may contact the respective person below:

Registration & Risk Management - Will Lopez, Center for Campus Life - or 742-5433
SGA Funding - Katherine Taylor, SGA - or 742-3631

FY15 - SGA Allocations


If your organization is highlighted in the respective spreadsheet below it is missing one or more of the three requirements to utliize its SGA funding. If these requirements are not met by December 3, 2014, (last class day of the fall semester) the org will lose 1/3 of its funding.

If your organization has not met the requirements by May 8, 2015, (last class day of the spring semester) the org will lose an additional 1/3 of its funding.


Check My Balance - Graduate Organizations

Check My Balance - Undergraduate Organizations




Other University Funding for Student Organizations

Other Organization Resources