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Funding Handbooks

These handbooks outline the policies and procedures required to obtain and use SGA funding


Funding Forms Available in OrgSync

The funding forms on this page have been added to OrgSync.

Please note that you may be required to submit hard copies to SGA if original receipts are involved.


Contingency Funding

Use this form to apply for Contingency Funding.

Contingency funding is utilized two different ways:

1) a newly formed organization may apply for this funding during their first year and

2) when currently funded orgs have exhausted their allocation they may apply for additional funding using this form.


Expense Approval Process

This form should be used when seeking approval for an expense.


Group Travel

These forms should be used when an organization is sending more than one student (graduate or undergraduate) to a conference or competition. This form should also be used if only one undergraduate is traveling to a conference or competition.

NOTE: both travel forms above are always required if the organization is using SGA funding to travel.


       Cash Advance Requests

If your organization is requesting a cash advance for your trip please submit the two forms below along with your Travel Application. Both forms are required BEFORE SGA can request the cash advance from Travel Services.

        Travel Advance Card

ATTENTION ADVISORS: If an organization submits travel paperwork to SGA any cash advances or reimbursements will be made payable to the you. This has NO effect on your personal income taxes as you may ask for documentation from SGA to prove the reimbursement was for the organization and not you personally.

IF you do not want the check made payable to you the organization may request a Travel Advance Card (TAC). If a TAC is requested the funds will be placed on a credit card for the organization's use during the trip. The process will remain the same in that all original receipts have to be turned in to SGA along with the Group Return from Travel form (within five business days).


Graduate Student Travel

upon approval of your graduate Travel application please use the travel forms above before and after your trip.

Guest Professional Payments

Use the forms below when paying a speaker directly for speaker fee or reimbursing for travel expenses

The Guest Professional Form and Independent Contractor Questionnaire should be used whenever an organization wishes to pay a professional for speaking or presenting to their organization. The Independent Contractor Questionnaire must be filled out by the guest professional.

Please note that SGA cannot reimburse an organization/advisor/department for professional fees or travel expenses.

The guest professional has to be setup as a vendor before they can be paid. Please have them complete the Vendor Setup form as well. It is located at the bottom of this page.

When an organization pays a guest professional fee (only) please submit the paperwork to SGA three weeks prior to the presentation to ensure a prompt payment after they leave campus. IF the paperwork is submitted to SGA after the event an "After-the-Fact" purchase order has to be submitted and can take up to 6-8 weeks for processing.

Use the form below when SGA needs to purchase airfare and/or hotel for the speaker


General Reimbursements & Purchase Requests

The General Reimbursement Form should be used for reimbursement for any expense other than travel. This form should be turned in with all original receipts. Please note in the Funding Regulations Handbook the expenses that require approval and provide appropriate memos and other documentation in these instances.

The Purchse Request Form should be used whenever an organization would like SGA to pay a vendor for certain expenses. This form should be turned in with original sales orders or quotes. After your organization has received the product please send Katherine Taylor the invoice so payment can be paid.


Vendor Set-Up Forms

Each organization is required to be set up in the Banner System under their own name and tax ID number. In order to do that, I need the following forms. Please turn the forms into the SGA office when completed. Contact Katherine Taylor if you have any questions regarding the forms. If you need to apply for a tax ID number, please CLICK HERE for the website.