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How do I use my SGA funds?

After SGA funds are allocated, the prime question for every student organization is "How do I use my SGA funds?" This portion of the website will hopefully help answer those questions.


Before you can begin using your funding for the new fiscal year you have to meet three requirements:

Common Misconceptions

  1. SGA cuts a check to the organization for the entire allocation.
  2. FALSE: SGA funds come from the Student Service Fees you pay as part of your tuition and fees; therefore the funds require close monitoring to ensure that the funds are being used properly and for expenses that are allowable. For this reason, SGA funds work primarily on a payment or reimbursement basis. We have procedures in place to allow the use of SGA funds for various expenses. Please see the Funding Regulations Handbook or the Form Downloads webpage to determine which form is required for your expense.

  3. To use my SGA funds, all I have to do is tell SGA about the expense.
  4. FALSE: In order to use your SGA funding, you must follow the established procedures in order to use your funds for expenses. In order to be reimbursed or have SGA pay for expenses, you must turn in the appropriate form along with all original receipts/invoices and any other required documentation (ie. copy of design or printing). The appropriate forms can be found on the Form Downloads webpage. The descriptions on this page will help you determine which form is required.

  5. SGA funds are available immediately after allocation in the spring.
  6. FALSE: SGA funds are allocated during the spring semester to be used by organizations during the following fiscal year. SGA funds become available for use by organizations on September 1st of each year.

  7. SGA funds can be used for any organization expense.
  8. FALSE: SGA funds can only be used for certain organization expenses, including, but not limited to the following (please see page 13 of the Funding Regulations Handbook for more information):


    • Travel Expenses (hotel, transportation, meals, registration e.g.)
    • Speaker’s fees & expenses (reimbursed directly to speaker only, cannot be reimbursed to the organization; we can pay for certain travel expenses ahead of time - airline, hotel)
    • General office supplies
    • Postage `
    • Copying and printing
    • Organization recruiting activities & 50% of recruiting items
    • Event Room Rental
    • Organization Banners and Signs (including vinyl banners and organization displays)
    • Advertising
    • Equipment Rentals
    • Internal Publications (organization newsletter e.g.)
    • 50% of Recruiting Items (t-shirts, pens/pencils, mugs, koozies e.g.)


    SGA funds cannot be used to purchase/reimburse the following:

    • Scholarships, awards, gifts, or prizes
    • Fundraising projects solely beneficial to the organization
    • Operating expenses (telephone, subscriptions, salaries, copier rental, e.g.).
    • Fixtures, or furniture to decorate offices
    • Computers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, or hardware
    • Tents, tables, canopies, or camping equipment
    • Club sports or any intramural expenses
    • Hotel room service/In room movies/DVD or VCR rentals/videos/tapes
    • State sales tax
    • National or State Organizational Membership Dues
    • Donations of any kind
    • Publications (Subscriptions)
    • Books, Handbooks, or Textbooks unless authorized by SGA President
    • Food, drink, decorations, or entertainment for banquets, receptions, meetings, buffets, parties, or other social event.
  9. SGA has a checkbook to write checks immediately.
  10. FALSE: All checks to student organizations are written from the University's Accounts Payable/Purchasing offices; therefore it takes several weeks to receive the check once you have turned all the necessary paperwork in to SGA. Please take this into consideration as you make plans to use your SGA funds.

  11. I can have my home department or advisor use their university credit cards to purchase items and SGA will simply reimburse them.
  12. FALSE: SGA funds cannot be used to reimburse a department or procurement card for organization expenses. If you would like to purchase items, please come talk to Katherine Taylor and she will work with you to make your purchases.

  13. Advisor travel expenses can be paid for using SGA funds.
  14. FALSE: SGA funds may only be used for student travel expenses. No advisor travel expenses may be covered with SGA funds.

  15. SGA will reimburse my organization or my advisor if we paid for a speaker's travel expenses (airfare & hotel).
  16. FALSE: SGA can either reimburse the speaker directly or purchase the airfare and hotel for the speaker. It is against University policy to reimburse a third party for travel expenses incurred for guest professionals.