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General Standing Committees

The General Standing Committees were created to have a student representative on every appointed committee that deals with several important decisions facing the students of Texas Tech. All committees are administration based and are chaired by administrators. Meetings are during the week and take place during normal Texas Tech business hours. Some committees meet once per semester and others will meet monthly. All of the information will be communicated through e-mail and letters sent to your local address.

Students must make an effort to attend the meetings, and then report the information back to the President of the Student Government Association. If the appointed student is unable to attend the meeting, they are responsible to contact the chair of the committee and inform them of their reason for not being in attendance. All appointments are one-year commitments.

I. ADA 504 Compliance
2. Bookstore Advisory
3. Code of Student Conduct
4. Convocation
5. Enrollment Management Council
6. International Affairs
7. Library
8. Masked Rider
9. Parking Violation Policies
10. Parking Violation Appeals
11. Sexual Harassment
12. Student Publications
13. Financial Aid & Scholarship
14. Teaching, Learning, & Technology
15. Student Union Building Advisory
16. University Discipline
17. University Discipline Appeals
18. University Parking Services Advisory