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The main body of the legislative branch is the Student Senate. Senators are elected by every College on the campus including the School of Law and the Graduate School. Student Senate meetings address legislation much like other governmental bodies under the guidelines of parliamentary procedure. The Student Senate serves as a liaison representing students to the faculty and administration of Texas Tech University. Each Student Senator is required to research issues that students face and write legislation to attempt to resolve those issues. The Student Senate is comprised of several committees. The chairmen for each of these committees is appointed by the President of the Senate. The Student Senate also oversees the SORC (Student Organization Representative Council) program. The college coordinators serve as the SORC category coordinators.










Officers of the Student Senate

Student Senators



Senate Committees

The Student Senate has 10 standing committees. Each Student Senator serves on at least one of these committees. What committees are available? What do they do? Who is on each committee?

Legislative Archive

What is Student Senate all about? What impact has Student Senate had on Texas Tech campus? What is their legacy? The Legislative Archive holds those answers. See previous legislation and senate meetings that have had a lasting effect on the students and campus of Texas Tech.