Texas Tech University

SI Leaders

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders provide peer lead student help sessions for historically difficult courses. 

Please contact Will Lopez at william.s.lopez@ttu.edu or visit our webpage Join Our Team for more information about coming an SI Leader.

SI Leaders hold two 90 minute review session each week, unless otherwise denoted on the weekly SI Schedule. To see the weekly schedule click here. The normal dates and times are listed below, but you should check the schedule each week for any changes.

Spring 2019 SI Leaders  

  SI Leader Course Assigned Major  Year 
 Pat Patrick L. ACCT 2300 - Financial Accounting  Finance Junior 
 Corey Corey M. BIOL 1404 - Biology II  Biochemistry  Senior
Ting Ting BIOL  3320 - Cell Biology Cell and Molecular Biology Junior
 AJ A.J. CHEM 1301 - Introductory Chemistry Kinesiology Sophomore
 Kenneth Kenneth CHEM 1305 - Chemical Basics  Animal Science  Sophomore
Klara Klara CHEM 1307 - Principles of Chem I Microbiology Senior
 McKaelyn McKaelyn CHEM 1307 - Principles of Chem I  Biology  Sophomore
 Patty Patrick T. CHEM 1307 - Principles of Chem I  Biochemistry  Sophomore
Cam Cameron CHEM 1308 - Principles of Chem II Chemistry and Biology Sophomore
Georiga Georgia CHEM 1308 - Principles of Chem II Microbiology Sophomore
 Nick Nicholas CHEM 1308 - Principles of Chem II  Microbiology  Sophomore
 Vy Vy CHEM 3306 - Organic Chemistry II  Nutrition  Senior
 Mando Mando MATH 1331 - Mathematical Analysis II  Economics  Junior
 Sergio Sergio MATH 2450 - Calculus III  Mathematics  Senior
 Julio Julio MATH 3350 - Higher Math for Engineers  Mechanical Engineering  Senior
 Jeremy Jeremy ME 2301 - Statics Mechanical Engineering  Senior
Zahra Zahra PHYS 1408 - Principles of Physics I Civil Engineering Junior
 Korey Korey C. PHYS 2401 - Principles of Physics II  Mechanical Engineering  Senior
 Julia Julia ZOOL 2403 - Human Anatomy  Kinesiology  Junior


Supplemental Instruction