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SI Leaders

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders provide peer lead student help sessions for historically difficult courses. 

Application Form

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Currently Hiring SI Leaders for Spring 2018! 

Supplemental Instruction is currently seeking SI Leaders for following subjects (updated December 13):

BIOL 3416 - Genetics

CHEM 1305 - Chemical Basics

CHEM 1307 - Principles of Chemistry I 

CHEM 1308 - Principles of Chemistry II

CHEM 3305 - Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 3306 - Organic Chemistry II

FINAN 3320 - Financial Management

MATH 1330 - Intro Math Analysis

MATH 1331 - Intro Math Analysis

MATH 1451 - Calculus I with Applications

MATH 1452 - Calculus II with Applications

MATH 1550 - Precalculus

MATH 2300 - Statistical Methods

MATH 2360 - Linear Algebra

ME 2301 - Statics

ME 2322 - Engineering Thermodynamics I

PHYS 1408 - Principles of Physics I

PHYS 2401 - Principles of Physics II

ZOOL 2403 - Anatomy and Physiology I

Please contact Will Lopez at william.s.lopez@ttu.edu for questions about the SI Leader application process.


  • Current undergraduate student at Texas Tech University.
  • 3.0 Cumulative GPA from TTU.
  • Must have completed at least 30 credit hours.
  • Grade of "A" for desired course assignment, received from Texas Tech.
  • Experience in tutoring or other academic support service is a plus!
  • Must be available late afternoon or early evenings to hold reviews.
  • Two letters of recommendation or two recommendations will be required with your application. One letter or recommendation form must come from a professor in the course area you wish to serve as SI Leader. 

Applications may be returned to Holden Hall 80 or emailed to: si.soar@ttu.edu

Job Duties

  • Attend semester and monthly training.
  • Attend all lectures of the assigned course.
  • Utilize the assigned readings, homework, and class notes to create two weekly review sessions.
  • Work closely with the assigned faculty partner to assure session material meets their approval.
  • Communicate with the SI program staff on a weekly basis.

Work Hours

  • 10 hours each week (3- Course attendance, 3-Review Sessions, 4-Session planning).
  • Session planning hours are flexible while session scheduling and course attendance are set on a semester basis.