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Interdisciplinary Minor in Forensic Sciences (FORS)

The goal of the minor is to offer students the opportunity to take courses pertinent to scientific and methodological issues associated with crime investigation and criminal behavior. All FORS students must complete at least 18 hours in designated forensic-related courses. No more than 12 hours may be taken in one department or program. At least 12 hours must be taken in upper-division courses. Courses with a grade of D cannot be counted toward fulfillment of the minor. At least 6 hours of upper-division courses must be taken at Texas Tech University system. All students enrolled in the forensic sciences minor are required to take the introductory forensic survey course (ANTH 3300).

Cross-listed courses in the physical and biological sciences include AHMT 4305 (Molecular Diagnostics), BIOL 3416 (Genetics), ENTX 4325 & 4326 (Principles of Toxicology I & II), NURS 3365 (Forensic Nursing), ANTH 2305 (Introduction to Forensic Anthropology), ANTH 4343 (Skeletal Biology & Forensic Techniques), CHEM 3341 and CHEM 3141 Lab (Analytical Chemical Methods), CHEM 4314 and CHEM 4114 Lab (Instrumental Analytical Methods), GEOG 3300 ZOOL 4321 (Insect diversity).

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Cross-listed courses in the social and behavioral sciences include ANTH 2305 (Introduction to Forensic Anthropology), PSY 4384 (Forensic Psychology), SOC 3327 (Sociology of Law and Policing), SOC 3329 (Sociology of Corrections), SOC 4325 (Criminology), SOC 4327 (Juvenile Delinquency). Designated courses may require prerequisites before students can enroll in them.

Please check the catalog and/or contact specific instructors for details. Prerequisite courses do not count toward the minor. Cross-listed courses that are required by the student’s major cannot be counted toward the minor. For more information on the forensic sciences minor, please contact Dr. Robert R. Paine, Dept. of Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work,