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Cultural Resource Management Track

Graduate students in anthropology who plan to seek employment as professional archaeologists after graduating are encouraged to follow the Cultural Resource Management (CRM) track. The CRM track is still taught within the four-field approach to anthropology, but includes a more structured schedule of courses designed to prepare students for careers in archaeology.

Basic Requirements, Applying to the Program, and Admission

The basic requirments for an MA degree in Anthropology apply to the CRM track, including application procedures and deadlines, admission, number of hours, and thesis. Please refer to the Anthropology Graduate Program page for more information on those topics.


Students in the CRM track take the following required courses as well as several electives from closely related fields of study:

Required Core Courses
ANTH 5305 (Theory and Method in Cultural Anthropology) AND
ANTH 5311 (Human Origins) OR ANTH 5312 (Human Diversity) AND
ANTH 5341 (Method and Theory in Archaeology) AND
ANTH 5352 (Ethnolinguistics)

CRM Track Required Courses
Cultural Resource Management* AND
Historical Archaeology* AND
Texas Prehistory* OR Prehistory of the Southwest* AND
3 hours of Field Archaeology* OR 3 hours of Summer Intership at CRM Firm* AND

CRM Track Elective Courses
Students doing a thesis take 6 hours of ANTH 6000 and select two courses from the list below. Students doing the non-thesis option, take four courses from the list below.

Anthropology Electives
Texas Prehistory* OR Prehistory of Southwest* (whichever was not taken as a required course)
ANTH 5345 (Paleopathology)
Laboratory Archaeology*

Geography and Geosciences Electives
GEOG 5300 (Geographic Information Systems)

History Electives
HIST 5315 (Studies in Texas History, depending on topic)

Museum Science and Heritage Management Electives
Heritage Resource Management***
MUSM 5325 (Museum Field Methods)
MUSM 5327 (Museum Collection Management)
MUSM 5329 (Material Cultural)

Statistics Electives (only one statistics course can be applied to the degree)
STATS 5302 (Applied Statistic I) OR
EPSY 5380 (Introduction to Educational Statistics) OR
SOC 5334 (Quantitative Methods in Sociology)

*Course offered as ANTH 5343 (Topics in Anthropological Archaeology)
**Offered as ANTH 7000 (Research)
***Offered as HMGT 7000-006 (Research)

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