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The driving force behind forming the Staff Senate in 1999 was a clear recognition of the need to provide TTU staff members with a voice in the decisions being made that affected them. Faculty and student senates had long weighed in with opinions on university policies and decisions that relate directly to their groups, but Tech staff members had not had the opportunity to voice their concerns or have a means to respond to the TTU administration in an organized and effective manner. The Staff Senate is governed under a set of By-Laws and a Constitution. The Mission Statement: The Texas Tech University Staff Senate shall exist to contribute to the welfare of its staff employees; to serve as a liaison among staff, administration, faculty, and students; and to advise the administration in matters affecting the staff. Through these purposes the Staff Senate strives foremost to contribute to the overall success of Texas Tech University.

In the years since the first meeting, the Texas Tech University Staff Senate has become an effective vehicle for staff members to express their opinions on issues that relate directly to them and proactively suggest and push for needed changes on campus. By having a formal group representing all levels of staff on campus, the Staff Senate has been able to make positive changes in the working environment for many TTU staff members. In the end, the Staff Senate’s mission is to equally and professionally represent the entire Texas Tech University staff in matters that concern them and to work with other campus organizations and TTU administrator to effect positive change both for staff members and the University as a whole.

The original charter for the Staff Senate allowed for staggered terms of office so that the Senate would have both seasoned and new senators serving. Staff Senate holds elections for new senators in May. During these three years, the senators represent their various EEO classifications in overseeing the plans and activities of the University that relate to staff employees and their jobs. Issues such as childcare, leave options, and others are researched by Staff Senate committees, and suggestions are made and questions answered for interested staff members.


TTU Staff Senate