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Minutes for September 1, 1999

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  • Meeting Minutes - January 20, 1999

    The meeting was called to order at 12:03 p.m.

    Dr. Donald R. Haragan, President, Texas Tech University
    Dr. Haragan addressed the Staff Senate and stated his support of the group and his commitment to listen and to take into consideration the issues brought forward.

    Dr. Robert H. Ewalt, Vice President of Student Affairs
    Dr. Ewalt expressed his gratitude to President Haragan for his support of the senate. He also discussed issues pertaining to the NCAA Self-Study that will be brought before the Staff Senate before a report comes out sometime in march 1999. Current information on the study can be found on the Web Site (see attachment).

    Recognition of Student Affairs Quality Service Committee
    Dan Burns recognized the Student Affairs Quality Service Committee that worked for two years in getting the Staff Senate formed.

    Roll Call
    The roll was called.


    Election of Executive Officers for the Staff Senate
    This was the first order of business and nominations were taken from the floor, with all nominees making a short speech, with discussions held and voting from the senators. The name of nominees for each office and the name of the new Officer are as follows:

    President: Janice Kinghorn, PeeWee Roberson, and Maurice Welch were nominated; PeeWee Roberson was elected President with the majority of the votes.

    President-elect: Kerry Billlingsley, Dan Burns, and Beth Trischitti were nominated; Dan Burns was elected President-elect by a majority vote.

    Secretary: Kittie Cox, Janice Kinghorn, and Everne Williams; Janice Kinghorn was elected Secretary by a majority of the votes.

    Treasurer: Kerry Billingsley, Pat Little and Kay Whyburn were nominated; Kerry Billingsley was elected Treasurer by majority vote.


    By-Laws Committee
    Dan Burns, Chair

    Communications Committee
    Janice Kinghorn, Chair

    The Staff Senate noted that the support of Dr. Haragan is greatly appreciated.

    Next Meeting
    The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 17 at 1 p.m.


TTU Staff Senate