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Minutes for November 3, 1999

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  • Meeting Minutes - November 3, 1999

    The Staff Senate met on Wednesday, November 3, 1999, in the Senate Room of the University Center, with PeeWee Roberson, President, presiding. Senators present were: Cory, Nava, Nichols, Pirkle, Saiz, Schuessler, Smith, Weaver, Wheeler, Clawson, Samarripas, Segura, Tillack, Billingsley, Whyburn, Ellis, Hall, Hunter, Kinghorn, Little, Meriwether, Silvas, Welch, White, Widener, Williams, Burns, J., Crosby, Garcia, Lira, Harris, Stubbs, and Thomas. Senators Ables, Flores, P., Trischitti, Bell, Flores, N., and Rocha were excused.

    Recognition of Guests
    President Roberson called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. and welcomed the alternate senators: Turner, Burt, and Segran and other guests.

    It was moved by Jesse Hall and seconded by Sandy Ellis that the minutes of the October 6, 1999, meeting be accepted as recorded with corrections to the spelling of the names of Edna Maritt, Assistant Manager of the Texas Tech University Credit Union and the scholarship recipient Leah Merryfield; the motion passed unanimously.

    Treasurer's Report
    A copy of the Treasurer's Report (Requires Acrobat Reader) was distributed to those present. It was moved by Craig Wheeler and seconded by Kay Whyburn that the Treasurer's Report be accepted as presented; the motion passed unanimously.

    Purchase of Brick It was moved by Sam Segran and seconded by Sandy Ellis that the brick purchased by the Staff Senate for the Millennium Project be engraved as follows: Congratulations to the Class of '99-Staff Senate; the motion passed unanimously.

    Organizational Excellence Survey The survey will be distributed to all faculty and staff that are benefits eligible and have worked at Texas Tech University for at least 4.5 months. Staff Senators were asked to encourage their fellow employees to complete the survey and return it either through the mail or the Web.
    Old Business Communication and Public Relations Committee
    Chair, Craig Wheeler thanked the committee for its work. He also thanked Everne Williams for providing a booth for the Staff Senate at the Benefits Fair. The following vendors who made prizes available to the Staff Senate for awarding at the Benefits Fair were thanked verbally: Wallace's Bookstore, High Tech Computer Store, Academic Computing Services, Dr. Robert H. Ewalt, and the Athletic Department. Individuals receiving awards had been called and asked to attend the Staff Senate Meeting and prizes were distributed to those who could be present; those unable to attend will be able to pick up their prizes by calling Craig Wheeler, 22240. The Communications and Public Relations Committee suggested that Staff Senators bring personal items, such as soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc., to the next meeting. These items will be given to Women's Protective Services.

    Action: Please bring donations to the December Staff Senate Meeting. A reminder will be sent out before the meeting.

    Social Security Number on Checks Committee (Employee Privacy Committee):
    The committee met to discuss the privacy of personal information and from these discussions enacted OP 70.40 to insure the privacy of all employee personal information. Resolution 99.06 asks that this OP be distributed to ALL STAFF at Texas Tech with a cover letter from Jim Brunjes, Jim Brown, or Gloria Hale. It was moved by Kerry Billingsley and seconded by Kay Whyburn that the Staff Senate Resolution 99.06, "A Proposed Completion of Social Security Number on Checks Committee (Employee Privacy)" (Concerning the privacy of personal information.) be accepted; the motion passed unanimously.

    Traffic and Parking
    A new member for this committee is needed. It was noted that the following six questions appear regularly regarding traffic and parking on campus: 1) cost, 2) location of parking, 3) proposed cost of parking garages, 4) eligibility to park in a garage, 5) if parking goes to area reserve and the lot is full, where is the overflow parking, and 6) how close to a person's office will parking be located. There is a Web page where comments can be made regarding parking. Any comments need to be forwarded as soon as possible so that the information can be given to Gene West. Gene West will be making a presentation to the Board at the December Board of Regent's Meeting.
    Action: Comments can be e-mailed or forwarded by campus mail to Maurice Welch, Committee Chair.


    Election Committe
    A notice is attached as part of the minutes reminding staff that nomination forms will be mailed in January for May 2000 elections.

    Ad hoc Fee Committee
    This committee investigated the fees employees and employee dependents are required to pay when taking courses. The committee found that waiving of fees is not possible as per the Attorney General's Opinion No. DM 421. The University has established a scholarship program which awards an employee $300 per semester to take a course(s) and dependents are awarded $600 per semester if they meet the criteria for grade point average as specified. Under 117(d) of the Internal Revenue Code, tuition reduction is allowed for graduate students if they are teaching or are research assistants, otherwise the scholarship is taxable.

    Cashing of Checks at the Student Business Services Office (Drane Hall)
    It was noted that Jim Brunjes had made the decision that faculty and staff checks would no longer be cashed in the Student Business Services Office in July because this office is mainly to serve students. The inquiry by the Staff Senate regarding having to write the social security number on the back of checks when cashing them in Drane Hall had nothing to do with the decision that the Student Business Services Office would no longer cash faculty, staff checks.

    New Business
    Staff Senate Meeting - January 5, 2000
    The Staff Senators voted on whether or not to hold a meeting on January 5, 2000, right after we return from the Christmas Holliday; the majority voted not to hold a meeting.

    Election information and materials will be distributed the first week of January.

    President's Report
    The Faculty Senate has distributed a survey regarding parking, if anyone received the survey, they were urged to complete the survey and return it right away.

    Presidential Search Committee Representative from the Staff Senate
    President Roberson announced that he had been asked by the Chancellor's Office to serve as the representative on the Presidential Search Committee. The first meeting of this committee will be at 2 p.m. on November 8.

    Reception for student, faculty, and staff senate members
    Staff Senators will be receiving an invitation to a reception at the Merket Center on November 11, 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Everyone is urged to attend.

    Next Meetings
    Staff Senate Executive Board Meeting, Wednesday, November 24, 1999, Llano Estacado Room, UC, 3:00 p.m.
    Staff Senate Meeting, Wednesday, December 1, 1999, Senate Room, UC, 3:00 p.m.


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