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Minutes for March 7, 2001

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  • Meeting Minutes - MARCH 7, 2001

    The Staff Senate met on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, in the Senate Room of the University Center with Kerry Billingsley, President presiding. Senators present were: Barron, C de Baca, Cory, Fleming, Flores, Gaytan, Gonzalez, Saiz, Sims, Wade, Boyer, Burt, Clawson, Tillack, Segran, Whyburn, Benton, Blackmon, Ellis, Kinghorn, Little, Peterson, Reynolds, Robbins, Stow, Vinson, White, Williams, Chavez, Crosby, Lira, Moreno, Harris, Lowe, R. Vinson. Senators Foy, Pirkle, Pruitt, Perez, and Ramirez were excused. Senators Curly, Love, Cates, Alcorta, N. Flores, and Torres were absent.
    President Billingsley called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.

    Approval of Minutes
    The minutes of the February 7, 2001 meeting were approved as written with the correction that Senators Foy, Blackmon, Pruitt and Reynolds were in attendance. It was moved by Jan Kinghorn and seconded by Gayle Stow that the minutes be accepted as written with the corrections noted; the motion passed unanimously.

    Treasurer's Report
    A written Treasurer's Report was distributed. Senators were asked to submit suggestions for the budget to the Treasurer for presentation at the April or May meeting. The suggestion was made that a Line Item be included for Staff Senate Presidential expenses. It was moved by Sandy Ellis and received multiple seconds that the report be accepted; the motion passed unanimously.

    Resignation and Appointment of New Senator/Clerical Classification
    Senator Estella Barron announced her resignation from the Senate due to a promotion. Estella will be running as a Senator under a new classification. President Billingsley welcomed Liz Wagner, Plant and Soil Science as the replacement for Estella Barron.

    Introduction of Guests
    University Strategic Planning
    Gil Reeve, Chair for the University Strategic Planning Steering Committee and Professor in Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Dr. Reeve pointed out that the strategic planning process has a two-fold goal: to provide information and to create awareness, Mary Chicoine is the consultant facilitating the strategic planning process. Senators are encouraged to contact President Billingsley with feedback on the strategic planning process and to attend Townhall meetings.

    Financial Aid for Students
    Earl Hudgins, Director Financial Aid for Students, gave an up-date on the Employee Dependent Scholarship Program. All benefits eligible staff and dependents are eligible for the program after four-and-a-half months of continuous employment. The Benefits and Retirement Committee oversees the program. Employees will receive information about the program in a mail-out during the month of July.

    Sick Leave Committee
    The Sick Leave Committee has formally requested a review of the alternative Sick Leave policies by the Director of Personnel. Departments with alternative policies are: Physical Plant, Police Services, Traffic and Parking, and Grounds Maintenance. Ema Portillo, committee chair, will report back to the Sick Leave Committee in approximately one month on the status of the policies. A meeting will be scheduled at that time, if needed. It is also a possibility that the duties of the Sick Leave Task Force will be expanded to include the issue sick leave pool issue.

    Emergency Leave
    The Emergency Leave is also another issue of concern. It appears Emergency Leave is not being uniformly applied. It was recommended that someone from Personnel attend the next Senate meeting and clarify Emergency Leave.

    Legislative Committee
    An inquiry was made about the status of the Staff Senate Legislative Committee. Since this is a legislative year, maybe the committee can give an up-date on the bills being considered by the legislature. Jan Kinghorn and David Tillack will serve as resources on how to use the Legislative website.

    Access to OP Manuals
    Concerns was expressed that some Senators and employees are having difficulty obtaining access to the University Operating Policies. Peggy Flores volunteered to secure a copy of the OP for Staff Senate use.

    Election Committee
    The number of nominations received is still relatively low. Senators are asked to continue to encourage employees in their classification to participate and consider running for the Senate.

    Child Care Committee
    The Child Care Committee met with executive administrators. President Billingsley attended as the Staff Senate representative. Plans for the Center are still moving forward, and possible funding sources are being identified. Both Faculty and Student Senates are working on resolutions. The Faculty Senate commended the Staff Senate for taking the initiative on the Childcare Center.

    HSC Staff Senate
    A show of hands was taken to see the Staff Senate would assist the HSC Staff in starting a Senate, if HSC expresses interest in establishing a Staff Senate. The Senators agree to provide assistance if requested. Margaret Duran is the contact for HSC.

    Time Off Reward Program
    It was moved by Kay Whyburn and seconded by Mary Benton that the Senate move forward on an initiative to research and review a Time Off Reward Program. Information was provided on the program established at the health sciences center.

    Ombudsman for Staff
    Shannon Sims will serve as chair to conduct research on an Ombudsman program for staff. See flyer. The Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

    Next Meetings
    Staff Senate Executive Board Meeting, Wednesday, March 28, 2001, University Center, Llano Estacado Room, 3 p.m.
    Staff Senate Meeting, Wednesday, April 4, 2001, University Center, Senate Room, 3 p.m.
    Staff members are invited to attend Staff Senate Meetings, if they so desire.


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