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Minutes for June 6, 2001

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  • Meeting Minutes -JUNE 6, 2001

    The Staff Senate met on Wednesday, June 6, 2001 in the Senate Room of the University Center with Kerry Billingsley, president presiding. The meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m.
    Senators present were: C de Baca, Billingsley, Cory, Crosby, Fleming, Flores, P., Gaytan, Gonzalez, Pirkle, Saiz, Sims, Wade, Wagner, Womble, Boyer, Burt, Tillack, Cates, Whyburn, Ellis, Kinghorn, Little, Peterson, Reynolds, Vinson, C., White, Williams, Chavez, Lira, Moreno, Ramirez, Harris, Lowe.
    Senators Foy, Clawson, Segran, Benton, Blackmon, Pruitt, Robbins, Stow, were excused. Senators Cory, Alcorta, Vinson, R., were absent.

    Recognition of Guests
    President Billingsley welcomed newly elected Staff Senators: Maurice Welch, Judy Hunter, Tim Segura, Shauna Peterson, and Chance Dragich. Guests in attendance were: UD reporter, Tiffany Kingston, and Manuel Escamilla, Special Assistant to the President for Equity and Diversity.

    Approval of Minutes
    It was moved by David Tillack and seconded by Emily Saiz that the minutes of the May 2, 2001 meeting be approved as written; the motion passed unanimously.

    Treasury Report
    A copy of the treasurer's report was distributed.

    PR/Communications Committee
    --New Senator Orientation scheduled June 27 at 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. in the Llano Estacado room. The Orientation is being held in lieu of the monthly Executive Board Meeting.
    --Senators are encouraged to invite supervisors to Inauguration Ceremony of News Senators scheduled July 11 at 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. in Human Sciences Room 169.
    --Meeting dates for 2001-2002 were distributed.
    --Senators were reminded that attendance is required at the Inauguration that replaces the July Staff Senate meeting.

    Bylaws Committee
    The Bylaws Committee presented a proposed amendment to the Bylaws, Article I, SectioN D to allow for work related absences to be excused from the five-absence limit for Senators . The proposed change was recommended due to concern that work related absences are not controllable by the Senators.

    A Senator has a commitment to attend all meetings. Senators should call the President, President-Elect, or Executive Secretary prior to an absence and follow-up in writing within five working days after the meeting. The subject of the call and documentation should explain the reason for the absence. Three absences in a Senate term year will be considered excessive. The Secretary will notify the Executive Board of Senators with excessive absences. The Executive Board will notify Senators with three absences in writing and advise them to note the policy regarding additional absences. Senators will be replaced after five absences in a Senate term year. Absences caused by attendance to a work-related function (with proof of attendance submitted through proper channels should not be part of the count against a Senator. The ByLaws Committee recommendation did not carry.

    Nominations Committee
    A slate of officers is being prepared for elections during the August meeting. Each classification will also need to elect a representative to the Executive Board.

    Sick Leave Task Force
    The Committee will meet with Jim Brown, Director of Personnel, on Thursday, June 6, to discuss two specific issues related to the alternative sick leave policies.

    It was moved by David Tillack and seconded by Emily Saiz that the minutes of the April meeting be corrected to state that Steve Boyer had volunteered to maintain OP manuals for the Staff Senate and not Housing and Dining.

    Time Off Rewards Committee
    The Committee is ready to present the policy to the Executive Board for review.

    Child Care Committee
    A meeting has been scheduled to discuss the affordability of a childcare center and funding options. The meeting is set for June 25 and attendees are: Chancellor Montford, Jim Crowson, Mike Ellicott, Jim Brunjes, Christy Meriwether, Kerry Billingsley, and a Development Office representative. (Kerry let me know if you want all of the notes included)

    Other Issues
    --Chairs for all committees will be invited to attend the July Executive Board meeting.
    --It was moved by Sandy Ellis and seconded by Kathy Womble that President Billingsley contact the three next three alternatives on the Alternate list regarding appointment to the Senate for the Service classification vacancies. The motion passed unanimously.
    --It was moved by Emily Saiz and seconded by Jeanine Reynolds that President Billingsley also contact the Chief of Police and Vice President for Operations, as soon as possible about the concern the Staff Senate has about the 15th & Akron Street Intersection.

    The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.


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