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Minutes for September 6, 2000

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  • Meeting Minutes -September 6, 2000

    The Staff Senate met on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, in the Senate Room of the University Center with President Billingsley presiding. Senators present were: Barron, C de Baca, Cory, Curlee, Flores P., Foy, Gaytan, Gonzalez, Love, Pirkle, Saiz, Sims, Boyer, Burt, Clawson, Tillack, Cates, Segran, Whyburn, Benton, Digby, Ellis, Kinghorn, Little, Peterson, Pruitt, Reynolds, Robbins, Vinson C., Williams, Chavez, Crosby, Lira, Ramirez, Torres, Harris, and Lowe. Absent: Senators Alcorta, Alonzo, Durrett, Flores N., Perez, Stow, Wade, White, and Vinson, R. Senators Durrett and White were excused.

    Recognition of Guests
    President Billingsley called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. and welcomed guests. Peggy Flores agreed to fill in as secretary for today's Senate meeting. Christy Meriwether led the pledge of allegiance.

    It was moved by David Tillack and seconded by Cliff Harris that the minutes of the June 7, 2000, meeting be accepted as written, motion passed unanimously.

    Treasurer's Report
    Kay Whyburn distributed a copy of the Monthly Expense Report. It was also sent out by e-mail. Whyburn went over the Year to Date totals. Billingsley reminded Senators that the same budget we used last year was approved for this year. Any left over money will go forward, as pre-approved by Mr. Brunjes.

    President's Report
    President Billingsley informed the Senate that four Senators had resigned their position. They are: Meriwether (accepted a position at the Health Sciences Center), Barnett is no longer with the University, Blackstock (due to medical reason), and Ryan (resigned in May). She welcomed new Senators: Eddie Ramirez, Service; Roger Vinson, Technical/Paraprofessional; Carol Pruitt, Professional; and Jerry C de Baca, Clerical. President Billingsley stated that the new Senators would be given their Oath of Office at the next meeting.

    Election of Officers

    President Elect Election
    The following Senators were nominated for the office of President Elect:
    Russell Crosby, Grounds Maintenance - Nominated by Paula Lowe and seconded by Steven Clawson - Crosby accepted the nomination

    Jeanine Reynolds, Institutional Research - Nominated by Sam Segran and seconded by Paula Lowe - Reynolds accepted the nomination

    Sam Segran - Nominated by David Tillack - Segran declined the nomination

    Mary Benton moved that nomination cease with a second by Everne Williams. Motion approved unanimously. President Billingsley selected Everne Williams, Susan Peterson, and Sabrina Robbins as proctors to collect and count the ballots. President Billingsley announced that Russell Crosby is the new President Elect of the Staff Senate.

    Secretary Election
    The following Senators were nominated for the office of Secretary:
    Pat Little, Student Affairs - Nominated by David Tillack - Little declined the nomination

    Yolanda Gaytan - Nominated by Erma Torres and seconded by C de Baca - Gaytan accepted the nomination

    Peggy Flores - Nominated by Sam Segran - Flores declined the nomination

    Sarah Sims - Nominated by Sam Segran and seconded by Laura Love - Sims accepted the nomination

    Emily Saiz - Nominated by Yolanda Gaytan - Saiz declined the nomination
    It was moved and seconded that nomination cease. President Billingsley announced that Yolanda Gavtan is the new Secretary of the Staff Senate.

    Visit with President Schmidly
    President Billingsley reported that she had met with President Schmidly. She stated that he was very positive and supportive of the Staff Senate. She informed the Senate that President Schmidly would like to attend one of the Senate meetings, but would not be available until later in the semester. She asked the Senate if they would want to adjust the October meeting or to have President Schmidly attend the first meeting he would be available for. The Senate decided to have President Schmidly attend the first meeting he could. President Billingsley will invite Dr. Schmidly to the November meeting. She also stated that Gene Binder, may also attend.

    Committee Reports
    Bylaws and Constitution Committee
    Cliff Harris distributed copies of the Bylaws and Constitution. They were also available on the website of the Staff Senate. The following changes were made to the Bylaws:
    Add page numbers.
    Article III., A., 3. Changed sentence as follows: The Secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings, publish the minutes of past meetings, keep a current record of membership, and archive Staff Senate records in accordance with University policy.

    Article VI, A., 5. Next to last sentence change "from the Executive Board of Staff Senate…information." to "from the Executive Board or Staff Senate…information."

    Page 4, H. Numbers one and two change the word "Voting" to lower case instead of capital.

    Page 1, D. Word "follow -up" change to no space between follow and hyphen. Should be "follow-up".


    The following changes were made to the Constitution:
    Article II., Section 1. Change first sentence to read as follows: "The Texas Tech University Staff Senate electorate shall be composed of Senators representing all Texas Tech University employees, excluding the chancellor, vice chancellors, president, and vice presidents, not represented by the Faculty Senate or Student Senate.

    The word "Electorate" should be lower case throughout the Constitution.

    Article II., Section 3. The words President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Past-President should all be lower case.

    Article II., Section 5. Change "University's Affirmative Action plan." should read "Texas Tech University's Affirmative Action plan."

    Article III., Section 4. "P resident" should be "President". No space between the "P" and the "r".

    Article III., Section 1. Last line should read "The Election Committee and the Personnel Department… nominations."

    Article III, Section 6. All officer titles should be lower case.

    Article III., Section 7. Delete last line.

    A motion was made by Jan Kinghorn and seconded by David Tillack to send Bylaws and Constitution back to the Committee, make all these corrections and any other grammatical, etc., and bring a clean, final copy back to the Senate. Motion passed, with one opposition. The committee will send via e-mail the document with all the tracking marks for changes. Senators are to review the document before the next Senate meeting and make suggestions to committee chair Cliff Harris.

    Communication & Public Relations Committee
    Pat Little thanked Maurice Welch for supplying paper for the new Staff Senate name tags.

    Child Care Committee
    Christy Meriwether informed the Senate that she will be taking a position at the Health Sciences Center but will continue to be involved with the Child Care Committee. She will report periodically to the Senate as needed.

    Nomination Committee
    Everne Williams informed the Senate of members for the Nominations Committee. They are as follows: Claudia Cory, Bert Mitchell, Kay Whyburn, Sabrina Robbins, Russell Crosby, and Cliff Harris. Williams asked that those Senators, stay for a brief meeting after the Senate meeting. Williams also informed the Senators that she has a list of the committees and asked that they sign up for committees if possible. The Nominations Committee will call each Senator and ask if they would serve on the Committees.

    Issues Forms:
    Sick Leave Pool Presentation
    President Billingsley stated that they had received an issue regarding the sick leave pool. She introduced Penny Burns to make a presentation on the sick leave pool and clarify any questions the Senate might have. The following slides were presented by Penny Burns:

    Sick Leave Pool TTU OP 70.01

    Catastrophic Illness

    Personal or Family

    Physician Verification

    30 Calendar Day Absence

    Expend All Leave Accrurals

    WCI Excluded

    TTU Leave Benefits FMLA

    12 Weeks Unpaid Leave

    Personal Illness


    Birth or Adoption of Child

    Job Protection

    State Portion of Insurance

    WCI Included

    TTU Leave Benefits Disability Leave

    180 Days From Exhaustion of Accrued Leave

    Job Protection

    TRS Disability Retirement Early Counseling with Personnel Benefits

    Shorter Window (180 days)

    Information received:

    When an employee receives hours from the Sick Leave Pool, comes out of that department. Pool hours are not cost associated because everyone is paid differently.

    Hours have to be donated.

    If you donate hours to the sick leave pool and you come back to TTU within the year, you do not get those hours back.

    Keyword here is "benefits". This is offered to help employees stay at their jobs.

    Departments need to do a better job informing employees about this benefit.

    Important to call Personnel early. Don't wait until it becomes too critical.

    Handicapped Parking Cost Increase:
    President Billingsley had a question come up about cost increase for handicapped parking. Some were concerned that there parking went from $5.00 to $90.00. The inquiry was if this was a Texas Tech increase or a state increase. Gail Wolfe informed Billingsley that for many years they charged the same rate as everybody paid. If it was area reserved, commuter, etc., everyone paid the same price. About four years ago the legislature passed a bill that was intended for airport parking lots only and exempted those with state handicapped permits from paying the hourly rates. The way the bill was worded these individuals were exempt from parking fees in any parking lots including institutions of higher education. Even though that was not the intent of the law, the Legislature stood behind it and said it would be that way until the next Legislative session. In 1999, new legislation was passed which allowed us to assign a charge as they did before. These individuals now purchase a parking sticker for reserved or area reserved and may park in the handicapped designated spots in their lots when they display the handicapped parking permit.

    Departmental Sick Leave Policies:
    Some departments have sick leave policies that are different from Texas Tech University policy. Several employees approached President Billingsley about the Senate looking into the fairness of these policies and reviewing for consistency with university policy. If you would like to serve on the Ad Hoc Committee to review the sick leave policy, please let President Billingsley know.

    Announcements Joe MacLean asked President Billingsley to inform the Senate that there is lots of construction being done at the Recreational Center and entrances to the Rec Center would change. Just wanted to make Senators aware of this.

    President Billingsley stated that if Senators are interested in serving on the Ad Hoc Audit Committee, please let Everne know. She stated that we need three Senators to audit the financial record after the second close.

    Some departments have sick leave policies that are different from Texas Tech University policy. Several employees approached President Billingsley about the Senate looking into the fairness of these policies and reviewing for consistency with university policy. If you would like to serve on the Ad Hoc Committee to review the sick leave policy, please let President Billingsley know.

    President Billingsley informed the Senate that criteria for the Quality Service Awards will be mailed out soon. The deadline to submit applications is October 2, 2000 by 5:00 p.m. She stated that 30 awards are given to TTU employees, 30 are given to TTUHSC employees and each award comes with a $500 cash award, plaque, and lapel pin. The Chancellor's Award of Excellence is also given. There are a maximum of 4 awards presented. Each award comes with a $1,500 cash award, a lapel pin, and a plaque
    Russell Crosby moved that the meeting adjourn with a second by Tillack. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 4:59 p.m.

    Next Meetings
    Staff Senate Executive Board Meeting, Wednesday, September 27, 2000, Llano Estacado Room, UC, 3 p.m
    Staff Senate Meeting, , Wednesday, October 4, 2000, University Center, Senate Room, 3 p.m..
    Staff members are invited to attend Staff Senate Meetings, if they so desire.


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