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Minutes for October 4, 2000

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  • Meeting Minutes -OCTOBER 4, 2000

    The Staff Senate met on Wednesday, October 4, 2000 in the Senate Room of the University Center with President Billingsley presiding. Senators present were: Barron, C de Baca, Cory, Flores, Foy, Gaytan, Gonzales, Love, Pirkle, Saiz, Sims, Wade, Boyer, Clawson, Cates, Segran, Benton, Ellis, Kinghorn, Little, Peterson, Pruitt, Reynolds, Robbins, Vinson, White, Williams, Chavez, Crosby, Ramirez, Torres, Harris, and Lowe.
    President Billingsley called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. and Russell Crosby led us in the pledge of allegiance

    New Secretary Election
    President Billingsley asked for secretary nominations from the senators. Senator Gonzales asked if we should ask for volunteers for the position and no one volunteered. Pat Little nominated Barbara White; Mary Benton was nominated and declined; Donna Wade was nominated and she also declined. Senator Harris made a motion that nominations cease and that we elect Barbara White; Senator Segran seconded the motion. Barbara White was elected for the office of secretary.

    Corrections were made to September's minutes in the Visit with President Schmidly, first line… add: that she had a meeting with President Schmidly. Senator Cates made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected and Senator Saiz seconded it.

    Treasurer's Report
    The September Treasurer's Report was distributed. Kay Whyburn will reconcile with the FY00 3rd close ledgers, and will present the final report for FY00 at the November meeting.

    Committee Reports
    Constitution & Bylaws Committee
    Senator Harris reported proposed changes to the Constitution of the Staff Senate of Texas Tech University. The proposed changes were: Article II Organization, Sec. 2, which reads, "The Senate shall be composed of forty-seven (47) Senators chosen by the Electorate. Membership to the Senate is on the basis of one representative for every fifty (50) employees or major fraction thereof in each category."

    The proposed change is, "Membership to the Senate is on the basis of one representative for every fifty (50) employees or major fraction thereof in each EEO classification category."

    Section 4 currently reads, "The number of Senators is elected in direct proportion to the number of regular full and part-time employees in their designated classification. Every five years, the Executive Board will re-compute the numbers of employees per each designated classification to ensure proper representation.

    The change will read, "The number of Senators are elected in direct proportion to the number of regular full and part-time employees in their designated classification. Every five years, beginning in the fall of 2001, the Executive Board will re-compute the number of employees per each designed classification to ensure proper representation in the next election cycle."

    Section 5 currently reads, " The breakdown of Senators is based on data from the fall 1996 EEO classifications under the University's Affirmative Action plan."

    4 Senators
    13 Senators
    3 Senators
    14 Senators
    4 Senators
    9 Senators
    47 Senators

    The proposed change will read, "The breakdown of Senators is based on data from the fall 1966 EEO classifications under the University's Affirmative Action plan. The EEO Classifications are as follows: executive/administrative/management, professional, technical/paraprofessional, clerical, crafts/trade, and service. (The table listing the number of Senators per category will be deleted from the Constitution).

    Senator Kinghorn made a motion to accept the changes and Senator Clawson seconded the motion. Motion passed. Senator Harris will make changes to the Constitution and e-mail a copy to Senators. Senator Harris also reported on the proposed changes to the Staff Senate Bylaws. In Article II. Budget and Finance, Item E. currently reads, "An Ad Hoc Audit Committee shall conduct an annual audit before the account is transferred to the next manager each year."

    New change will read, " An Ad Hoc Audit Committee shall conduct an annual audit before the account is transferred to the next manager."

    President Billingsley said that the Executive Board would do the final reading to correct punctuation, and change all Texas Tech to read Texas Tech University, etc.

    Senator Cates made a motion to accept the changes to the Bylaws and Senator Saiz seconded the motion.
    President Billingsley will present the amended Constitution to President Schmidly for approval. She will ask President Schmidly to present the Constitution to the Board of Regents for ratification at the next Board of Regents meeting.

    Communication & Public Relations Committee
    Senator Little reported on the outcome of the Benefits Fair booth. There was great response to the booth and they had visitors from both the university campus and from the HSC. She thanked all the Senators and departments for the gifts that were provided to the booth for handouts. There was interest from the HSC employees about benefits publication and the Child Care Study.

    Child Care Committee
    The committee will meet on October 30 with both President Schmidly and President Smith for their input and feedback on the Child Care Study. The committee will report their results at the next Staff Senate meeting.

    Nomination Committee
    Senator White reported that Senator Saiz will continue to assist with the election committee and new members were selected for the following committees: Election Committee: Estella Barron, Steve Clawson, Pat Cates, Carol Pruitt, Eddie Ramirez, Paula Lowe

    Communication/Public Relations Committee: Sabrina Robbins   

    Grievance Committee: Steve Boyer and Roger Vinson

    Ad Hoc: Sick Leave Policy Committee: Mary Benton, Brenda Gonzales, Rosa Ema Portillo, Mitchell Burt, Michelle Gomez, Albert Gonzales, Robin Cooper, and Judy Hunter

    Audit Committee: The audit committee will meet to review the records of the outgoing treasurer after the FY00 third close for ledgers. Members of the committee are Senators White, Crosby, and Kinghorn.

    President's Report
    President Billingsley reported that two senators have resigned. They are Hilda Alonzo and Wendy Durrett. We also have an invitation from the Provost office regarding Staff Senate participation during the President's inauguration on January 27, 2001. To what extent the participation will be is not known. Senator Flores will check on the specifics of the ceremony and what part the Staff Senate will participate in. President Billingsley would like as many Senators as possible to be at the ceremony. There will be a reception for the public after the inaugural ceremony.

    The Student Government Association asked that a representative from the Staff Senate attend their meetings. The meetings are usually at 7:30 in the evening. A sign-up sheet was passed around for Senators to sign up to attend meetings. They also invited the Senate to attend the Town Hall meetings. There was a low turnout at the last meeting. The next meeting will be on November 16th at the Allen Theater. President Billingsley encouraged Senators to attend. The Association has initiated a monthly President's meeting for the Student, Staff and Faculty Senates at the University and Health Sciences Center to exchange ideas about what each organization is doing.

    We will have President Schmidly at our November 1st meeting. He will be first on the agenda as he will leave after his presentation. We are looking forward to his presentation.

    New Business
    President Billingsley spoke about the Texas Public Education Association. Misty Sevens is the president of the local 126 chapter here. She asked if there was an interest for Misty to visit our group and tell us about the organization and there was. President Billingsley will see about putting Misty down on the agenda for the November meeting. Senator Cates thanked Senator Kinghorn for loaning us the double T tablecloth that we use during our meetings and asked about the Senate purchasing material for a tablecloth of our own. Senator White will look into the cost of purchasing 30 yards of material from the Textile Research Center and making it. She will report to the Senate at the next meeting.

    Guest Presentation President Billingsley introduced Kathy Quilliam who is the new Ombudsman for Students. Kathy was appointed to this new office on June 1, 2000. Dr. Shonrock, the interim vice president for Student Affairs, opened the Ombudsman's office to provide students on campus another avenue to resolve problems with faculty, students or offices on campus. The Ombudsman Office provides confidential, impartial complaint handling and conflict resolution services for students. The Ombudsman assists with complaints involving interpersonal misunderstandings as well as complaints about academic or administrative issues and attempts to help students resolve their concerns fairly and, if possible, informally. The Ombudsman's office is located in the University Center, Room 203, 742-4791.

    After hearing Kathy's presentation about her office, several Senators expressed an interest to have an Ombudsman Office for Staff. Senators Sims, Cory, Love and Ellis will look into the possibility of having our own Ombudsman.

    Senator Saiz made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Senator Little seconded the motion. The Staff Senate meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

    Next Meetings
    Staff Senate Executive Board Meeting, Tuesday, October 24, 2000, University Center, Llano Estacado Room, 3 p.m.
    Staff Senate Meeting, , Wednesday, November 1, 2000, University Center, Senate Room, 3 p.m.
    Staff members are invited to attend Staff Senate Meetings, if they so desire.


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