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Minutes for November 1, 2000

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  • Meeting Minutes -NOVEMBER 1, 2000

    The Staff Senate met on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, in the Senate Room of the University Center with Kerry Billingsley, President presiding. Senators present were: C de Baca, Cory, Foy, Gaytan, Gonzalez, Love, Pirkle, Wade, Boyer, Burt, Clawson, Tillack, Cates, Segran, Whyburn, Benton, Ellis, Little, Peterson, Pruitt, Reynolds, Vinson, White, Williams, Chavez, Crosby, Lira, Perez, Ramirez, Torres, Harris.Senators Barron, P. Flores, Saiz, Sims, Kinghorn, Robbins, Stow, N. Flores, Lowe, and R. Vinson were excused; Curlee and Alcorta were absent.

    Recognition of Guests
    President Billingsley called the meeting to order at 3:07 p.m. and welcomed guests: Betty Blanton, Benefits and Retirement Committee, and Misty Stevens, Texas Public Employees Association.

    Approval of Minutes
    It was moved by Cliff Harris and seconded by Pat Cates that the minutes of the October 4, 2000, be approved as written; the motion passed unanimously.

    Treasurer's Report
    A written Treasurer's Report was distributed. A Final Detail Expense Report for FY00 was provided, and Kay Whyburn reported the treasure had been reconciled for FY00. A Detail Expense Report Year to Date for FY01 was also distributed.

    President Schmidly Presentation
    President Schmidly presented his seven challenges for the University, two of which are new, to the Staff Senate. The seven challenges were:

    Access and participation - diversifying the university and showing respect for faculty, staff, students, the state and the region. The challenge will also include identifying bureaucracy and making services more accessible.

    Excellence - establishing bigger aspirations for Tech, not just regionally but nationally as well.

    Engagement - breakdown barriers between campus and the community, resulting in the two working more closer together.

    Technology - Better use of technology not just with students but with everyone. Best technology will make jobs easier and allow everyone to be more effective at their jobs.

    Partnership and Collaboration - working more together as a family, and not as separate entitities.

    Investing in human capital - Promote, retain, and train adequately, and revisit the pay plan.

    Institutional Advancement - market Tech better and raise money for things other than Athletics.

    President Schmidly stated the strategic plan is a blueprint for action, and is different from plans used in the past because the goal is to engage everyone in the process, and not just a privileged few. According to President Schmidly a task force and steering committee will be established to work on the plan. In addition town hall meetings will be held to inform the campus community about the status of the plan. Information about the strategic plan will also be posted on the Internet.

    President Schmidly has already worked with upper administration to conduct a "SWOT" Analysis, and to make a determination as to what the ten biggest strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats the University faces. As a result of the SWOT Analysis the five most important core values have been developed. The President encouraged the Staff Senate to engage in the SWOT Analysis, and to inform him of the results.

    President Schmidly shared with the Senate how the newly developed electronic calendar will facilitate internal communication on campus, and how twenty big screens will be positioned around campus for viewing activities.

    Other issues President Schmidly discussed were:

    The Pride and Pageantry Committee, composed of 60-65 people from Tech and the community. The Committee will focus on the quality of football weekends, and how to increase involvement. The Committee Chairs are Janet Schmidly and Gene Binder.

    The first Red Raider Camp is scheduled at Junction next summer for freshmen. During the camp incoming freshmen will learn about Tech traditions, and developing a sense of belonging as part of the campus.

    Child Care Committee
    President Billingsley presented the report on behalf of Christy Meriwether for the Child Care Committee. The committee met with President Smith and will meet with President Schmidly on November 30. Recommendations made by the Committee were: To build a 34,000 square ft. center to serve 200 children with plans for an additional 100 square ft. within five years.

    Locate the facility between the University and HSC.

    Explore outsourcing and TTU management options.

    Require Institutional Advancement to explore funding options.

    Explore scholarships to assist low-income families.

    Christmas Service Project
    Pat Little, Communications and Public Relations Committee asked if the Staff Senate wanted to sponsor Women Protective Services for Christmas again this year, or consider sponsoring Rise Academy. Rise Academy is a facility with 90% low-income preschoolers and kindergartners. Items to donate are: crayons, chalk, coloring books, kiddy scissors, glue sticks, as well as monetary donations. It was moved by Russel Crosby that the Senate sponsor Rise Academy this year, and seconded by Kay Whyburn. The motion carried. A volunteer Santa is needed to deliver donations. The Committee is planning a party for Rise Academy the week of December 13-17, 2000.

    Staff wanting to donate to Rise Academy should contact a Senator. December 6th is the deadline for having items or monetary donations to Senators. All donations should be brought to the December 6 meeting or delivered to Pat Little before that date.

    Benefits and Retirement Committee
    Betty Blanton and Jim Brown presented how changes in the Uniform Group Insurance Program are going to affect decrease coverage level and asked for suggestions and input from the staff. The Committee is open to input from the staff and want to know how staff is willing to deal with the changes. Betty distributed a handout on Environmental Tobacco Smoke and discussed the possibility of a resolution being presented to the City Council in January.

    Guest Presentation
    Misty Stevens distributed a handout on TPEA (Texas Public Employees Association) the largest and oldest organization in the state representing state employees concerns. The organization is composed of 13,000 members with a strong organized voice in Austin. Misty pointed out the organization would like more accessibility to employees in order to educate state employees about the forum available to voice concerns. The organization meets every third Thursday of the month except in December.

    President's Report
    President Billingsley announced Senators Misty Digby and Joan Blackmon had resigned.
    It was moved by Sam Segran that individuals other than Senators be included on committees, and that a notice be sent via an Information All to recruit members. Yolanda Gaytan seconded the motion.

    Next Meetings
    Staff Senate Executive Board Meeting, Wednesday, November 29, 2000, University Center, Llano Estacado Room, 3 p.m.
    Staff Senate Meeting, Wednesday, December 6, 2000, University Center, Senate Room, 3 p.m.
    Staff members are invited to attend Staff Senate Meetings, if they so desire.


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