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Minutes for December 6, 2000

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  • Meeting Minutes -December 6, 2000

    The Staff Senate met on Wednesday, December 6, 2000 in the Senate Room of the University Center with Kerry Billingsley, President presiding, Senators present were: Barron, C de Baca, Cory, Fleming, P. Flores, Foy, Gaytan, Gonzalez, Love, Pirkle, Saiz, Sims, Wade, Boyer, Burt, Clawson, Tillack, Cates, Whyburn, Benton, Blackmon, Kinghorn, Little, Pruitt, Reynolds, Robbins, Stow, C. Vinson, White, Williams, Chavez, Crosby, Lira, Moreno, Ramirez, R. Vinson. Senators Curlee, Segran, Ellis, Peterson, Torres and Lowe were excused. Senators Alcorta, N. Flores, and Perez were absent.
    The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m.

    Approval of Minutes
    The minutes of November 1, 2000 were approved as written with the correction that Misty Digby resigned and Joan Blackmon replaced her as senator. It was moved by Emily Saiz and seconded by Jerry C de Baca that the minutes be accepted as written with the corrections noted.

    Swearing In of New Senators
    President Billingsley swore in senators Joan Blackmon, Jerry C de Baca, Eddie Ramirez, Sidney Fleming, and Isidoro Moreno to office.

    Communication Committee
    The Chairperson of the committee reported there has been a tremendous response from the community with donations for Rise Academy. The Christmas Party for Rise Academy is scheduled December 12, 000, from 2:15 – 3:15 pm or until parents arrive to pick up children. Packets will be assembled on Friday, December 8 beginning at 3:30 pm in the Students Affairs Conference Room, 213 Administration Building.

    Treasury Report
    Treasurer Whyburn mentioned the significance increase in the cost of the minutes. President Billingsley stated this was due to an increase in the number of attachments to the minutes last month.

    Child Care Committee
    The Executive Summary of the Child Care Exploratory Committee has been presented to both Presidents, and copies of the summary are available to senators.

    Resolution 00.01 regarding the Child Care Center was presented. It was moved by Russell Crosby and seconded by David Tillack that the resolution be accepted. The motion passed unanimously. The Childcare Committee was commended by the Staff Senate for its work researching the Childcare Center. Members of the committee were: Christy Meriwether, Jackie Driskill, Cathy Nathan, Jimmie Reeves, Marc Giaccardo, Melissa Green, Patricia Herrera, Donna Bacchi-Smith, Leann Diandreth-Elkins, Dani Joyner Carrie Edwards, Albert Moffitt, and Judy Oskam.

    President’s Report:
    Sick Leave Committee
    Letters have gone to President Schmidly and will be sent to the appropriate departments.

    Audit Committee
    No report. Scheduled in January.

    Benefits and Retirement
    Committee is meeting today to share information received from staff. A majority of employees prefer higher co-pay in order to maintain family benefits. The Benefits Committee has been assigned to review Teacher Retirement versus Optional Retirement.

    Facility Planning and Construction
    President Billingsley attended the initial meeting and projects are moving forward on locations for parking garages. The first garage will be located at 18th and Flint and is scheduled for use by Fall 2002. Other possible sites are 15th and Akron, and in the vicinity of Thompson Hall. Site selection scheduled December 18, 2000; presentation to Board of Regents February 8, 2001.

    Old Business:
    Smoke Free Coalition
    Discussion occurred whether the Senate should proceed with involvement in support of a resolution against smoking in restaurants. President Billingsley stated staff would be encouraged to be involved as citizens, but it was outside of Staff Senate jurisdiction since the issue was a city-wide issue. David Tillack moved that the Senate not pass a resolution and there were multiple seconds. The motion passed with one opposition.

    Next Meetings:
    Staff Senate Executive Board Meeting, Wednesday, December 20, 2000, University Center, Llano Estacado Room, 3 p.m.
    Staff Senate Meeting, , Wednesday, January 3, 2001, University Center, Senate Room, 3 p.m.

    Staff members are invited to attend Staff Senate Meetings, if they so desire.


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