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Minutes for March 6, 2002

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  • Meeting Minutes - March 6, 2002

    Call to Order; Russell Crosby, President, Presiding.
    Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call
    A quorum was present
    Senators Present: Crosby, Welch, Reynolds, Pritchard, Fleming, Ford, Graham, Sims, Wade, Wagner, Womble, Boyer, Dragich, Rubino, Billingsley, Cates, Risley, Nail, Willingham, Esquibel, Lira, Miranda, Vazquez, R. Vinson, Lowe, Saiz, Weathers, Peterson, Whyburn, Benton, Moore, Pruitt, Segura
    Senators Absent: Bowen, Pirkle, Yeates, White, Schuessler, Clawson, Ellis, Hunter, McConnel, Burns, Harris, Snider, Champion.

    Minutes from January 6, 2001, Meeting
    It was moved by Kerry Billingsley and seconded by Pat Cates that the minutes be approved. Motion carried.


    C. Treasurer's Report for April and May
    Jeanine Reynolds presented the reports.
    Motion was made by Paula Lowe and seconded by Kerry Billingsley to approve Treasurer's Report. Motion carried.

    Committee Reports General Information
    Cliff Harris will serve on the RFP committee for the Child Care Center.
    Kerry Billingsley gave an update on the strategic plan committee. Kerry will be the committee chair.
    Election committee is making preparations for the coming election. Suggestion was made to check the EEO classifications for proper senator count in all groups.

    Kerry Billingsley gave an update on the Employee Scholarship committee. Kerry talked to Dr. Gilbert. Dr. Gilbert has formed a committee of the vice presidents to look into this matter. One comment was made about compensating employees after graduating from college. Kerry will keep the senate informed when information is passed on.

    Communications Committee - Ron Nail
    Rise Academy came to the meeting and the first grade class presented their oath. There were 6-second grade students that presented their favorite poems. This organization has been very well received by the Staff Senate.

    Buck Up
    Buck up donation project is completed. The drawing raised $635.00. The total amount raised was $4889.09
    The winners of the drawing:
    1st B.J. D'Orsay men's basketball
    2nd Robert Rangel women's basketball
    3rd Roger Reynolds football
    4th Peggy Flores vest
    Special thanks to Liz Hall for drawing names.

    President's Report - Russell Crosby
    The Staff Senate is losing their secretary. Janelle Pritchard has resigned as secretary but will stay as a voting senator. The Staff Senate will miss Janelle.

    The Chancellor Search is ongoing. Russell asked any staff member that has suggestions on the Chancellor's requirements to e-mail them to him. Russell.Crosby@ttu.edu

    There is a new task force being started for the Provost Office. This task force will address gender and equality issues on the Texas Tech campus.
    New Business and Issues
    Issue: Cross Walks not lit well at night
    The cross walks on campus are not well lit at night. On another campus the lights are installed with donations from alumni. One student senate candidate was running with this matter as a campaign stance. There will be an update at the next meeting.

    It was decided to wait on this issue and reconvene ad hoc committee to research this issue.

    Update on Master Plan at April Senate Meeting.
    Kelly Sharp, McNair's Scholars program will speak at the April meeting.
    Mike Elicott will speak on the Master Plan Update at the April meeting

    Next Executive Board Meeting
    March 27, 2002, 3:00 p.m., UC Llano Estacado Room
    Next Staff Senate Meeting
    April 3, 2002, 3:00 p.m., UC Senate Room.

    Motion was made by Steven Boyer and seconded by Maurice Welch to adjourn. Motion carried.


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