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Minutes for January 8, 2003

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  • Meeting Minutes - JANUARY 8, 2003

    Call to Order; Maurice Welch, President, Presiding.
    Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call
    Senators Present: Bowen, Burdine, Graham, Kinney, Schuessler, Tiner, Wade, Cochran, Dragich, Rubino, Carson, Guinn, Benton, Chen, Fernandez, Hancock, Hunter, Kitten, Lewis, McDonald, Naugher, Reynolds, Welch, Burns, Chavez, Jasper, Miranda, Segura, Vasquez, Vinson, Barron, Cooper, Johnson, Lowe, Snider. Senators Absent: Ford, McAnear, Sims, Yeates, Boyer, Crocket, Cates, Marshall, McConnel, Moore, Nail, Williams, Esquibel.

    Minutes from December 4, 2002 Meeting
    Minutes were reviewed and a motion by Susan Kitten was seconded by Paula Lowe. Motion carried.

    Treasure's Report for November and December 2002- Jeanine Reynolds
    The Finance Committee reviewed and approved the Treasurer's report for FY02.
    Treasure's Report for November and December were reviewed and no changes were noted.
    Motion was made by Susan Kitten and seconded by Tim Segura to approve the report. Motion carried.

    Committee Reports
    Scholarship Committee
    Mary Benton stated that the Scholarship Committee is continuing to check into initiating a Staff Senate sponsored employee scholarship. The hope is to have a program in place in time to award the first scholarship for the Fall 2003 semester.
    Mary Benton has been informed that the University of Texas has a program that allows any staff member to take a three-hour course for free. The committee is going to explore to see if other Big 12 universities have a similar program.

    Wesley Stephens-Student Code of Conduct
    Wesley informed the Staff Senate that the Student Government Association will discuss at the next Student Government meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 16th whether or not to make a change to the Student Code of Conduct. Some students want to add a statement to include sexual orientation to Page 10, Part V, Section A, number 6 of the Student Code of Conduct.
    Wesley stated that some students have voiced discrimination in the past because organizations were not allowed to participate in certain activities, employment, and University Daily letters.
    Maurice Welch commented that Kelli Stumbo had informed him that seven of the Big 12 schools have adopted a statement for their Student Code of Conduct to include the statement in regards to sexual orientation and eight out of the Big 12 schools Staff Policies have adopted the statement.
    Wesley commented that no one is forcing anyone to change, they just want to be fair.
    A question was asked in regards to how grievances would be handled since the law does not specify in regards to sexual orientation. Wesley stated that if adopted then grievances would be handled in accordance with university policy.

    President's Report-Maurice Welch
    Maurice announced that the new secretary for the Staff Senate is Maria Fernandez.
    Pat Cates has been promoted to Assistant Vice-Provost for KTXT.
    Chance Dragich is the 2002 Employee of the Year for the Physical Plant Department. He also received an award for sustained performance.
    David Naugher was introduced as the newest Staff Senator.
    Dr. Haragan is scheduled to speak at the next Staff Senate Meeting
    Maurice asked the members present for feedback in regards to the format for the Staff Senate Minutes.
    Suggestions were made to include minutes on the Staff Senate Website with detailed information for those who may want further information, and to include the minutes on the Techannounce.
    The Staff Senate participated in a community service project helping to take down holiday decorations at the Ronald McDonald House. The four members that attended enjoyed the project.
    More opportunities for community service will be available throughout the year with the Ronald McDonald House.

    Old Business
    Maurice Welch will check with Pat Cates in regards to the Childcare Committee. Pat is searching for a committee chair. She is searching for committee members from the Staff Senate as well as outside of the Senate.

    Reminder to committees to inform President Maurice Welch or President- Elect Chance Dragich of the committee meeting times.

    Next Executive Board Meeting is scheduled for January 29, 2003 at 3:00 p.m.
    Next Staff Senate Meeting is scheduled for February 5, 2003 at 3:00 p.m.


    Motion was made to adjourn by Jeanine Reynolds and seconded by Roger Vinson. Motion carri


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