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Minutes for February 5, 2003

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  • Meeting Minutes - February 5, 2003

    Call to Order; Maurice Welch, President, Presiding.
    Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call
    Senators Present: Bowen, Burdine, Ford, Graham, Kinney, Schuessler, Sims, Tiner, Cochran, Boyer, Crocket, Dragich, Rubino, Carson, Cates, Guinn, Chen, Fernandez, Hancock, Kitten, Lewis, McConnel, McDonald, Nail, Naugher, Reynolds, Welch, Williams, Burns, Chavez, Miranda, Segura, Vasquez, Barron, Cooper, Johnson, Snider. Senators Absent: McAnear, Wade, Yeates, Marshall, Benton, Hunter, Moore, Esquibel, Jasper, Vinson, Lowe

    Visitors: Sam Segran, Rebecca Owens, Bruce Tharp

    A. Minutes from January 8, 2003 Meeting
    Minutes were reviewed and a motion by Susan Kitten was seconded by Pat Cates. Motion carried.

    Treasurer's Report for January - Jeanine Reynolds
    January report was reviewed and no changes were noted.
    Motion was made by Bryan Carson and seconded by Ron Nail to approve the report. Motion carried.

    Committee Reports
    Bylaws and Constitution Committee-Susan Kitten
    The committee read proposed changes to the Staff Senate Constitution and Bylaws regarding the elections of the officers and Executive Board.
    There will be another reading at the March meeting.

    Communications/Public Relations Committee-Ron Nail
    Senators have an opportunity to serve as volunteers for the KTXT Annual Fundraiser. Volunteers will assist by answering phone calls during the fundraiser.

    Guest Speaker- Dr. Donald Haragan-Interim President, TTU
    Points presented by Dr. Haragan: Dr. Haragan informed the Staff Senate that a search is in place to fill Dr. Schmidly's position. The search committee is concentrating on finding the right person to fill the position. The president's position may be filled by September. If no one has been found then Dr. Haragan will continue to serve as interim-president for a few more months.
    Dr. Haragan mentioned that TTU can be measured on the basis of recruiting the best students to TTU.
    Every freshman class has been the best class since 1988 and the retention for freshman is great, graduation is better, TTU is improving every year.
    Enrollment is better, however, it can become a problem because it is increasing at a higher rate. It can become a problem because there is a lag between funding and enrollment.
    Less than 70% of the funds come from the general revenue appropriation. Other funding comes from local funds such as tuition/fees.
    Privatization is also a source of funding for TTU. TTU is responsible for raising money just as much as a private institution.
    Although TTU is a research university, research is not necessarily profit making.
    TTU has been asked to return over $7 million out of this year's budget. However, because we are in the middle of the year, we are essentially giving back 14%.
    As for the shortage of funds issue, TTU is just going to have to spend less money.
    Faculty/Staff at TTU will have to reduce out-of-state and foreign travel.
    We are also looking at energy conservation.
    Positions available will be reviewed before filling them; only positions highly needed will be filled.
    Capital purchases will be viewed closely.
    As of today, TTU has not scheduled layoffs, however, if layoffs are necessary, they will be programmatically, not across the board.
    If layoffs go into effect, there will be a 60-day notice to units targeted for reduction.
    TTU summer courses will continue.
    TTU is forming partnerships with community colleges.
    The University of Texas has asked for tuition to be deregulated. However, UT may not be concerned, based on the number of admissions applications they receive.
    However, TTU is not chasing after UT, TTU is already better in many aspects.
    TTU has an increasing number of students, but certainly not as many as UT.
    As for TTU's scholarship endowment, the endowment is significant, but not huge; therefore, we need to work to raise more money.
    TTU did receive major gifts, but many are differed gifts, meaning that the money dribbles in over a period of years.

    President's Report-Maurice Welch
    The Staff Senate website needs to be updated; therefore, Maurice would like someone to update and maintain the website.
    Bill McDonald mentioned that he is interested in maintaining the website.

    Old Business
    The Student Government Association is just now putting together a resolution to make a change in the Student Code of Conduct, therefore they are not ready to present to the Staff Senate.

    New Business
    February's minutes will include a copy of the Issue Form so that staff can have it at their disposal.
    Ideas for the newsletter or minutes can be sent to Chance Dragich, President-Elect.
    It was discussed that the safety awards are no longer being awarded. If anyone has questions in regards to the discontinuation of the awards, please contact your individual department's safety coordinator. If you do not know who the safety coordinator is in your department, please contact Bill McDonald at william.mcdonald@ttu.edu for the information.

    Reminder to committees to inform President Maurice Welch or President- Elect Chance Dragich of the committee meeting times.

    Next Executive Board Meeting is scheduled for January 29, 2003 at 3:00 p.m.
    Next Staff Senate Meeting is scheduled for February 5, 2003 at 3:00 p.m.

    Motion was made to adjourn by Jeanine Reynolds and seconded by Roger Vinson. Motion carried.


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