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Minutes for August 7, 2002

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  • Meeting Minutes - August 7, 2002

    Call to Order; Maurice Welch, President, Presiding.
    Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call
    A quorum was present
    Senators Present: Welch, Reynolds, Weathers, Carson, Cates, Chen, Hancock, Hunter, Kitten, S. Lewis, Moore, Nail, E. Williams, Willingham, Bowen, Burdine, Ford, Kinney, McAnear, Schuessler, Sims, Tiner, Boyer, Dragich, Rubino, Burns, Crosby, Jasper, Miranda, Segura, Vazquez, Vinson, Barron, Cooper, Lowe, Snider
    Senators Absent: Goodyear, Guinn, Marshall, Benton, McConnel, McDonald, Graham, Wade, Yeates, Crocket, Chavez, Esquibel, Johnson

    Minutes from June 5, 2002 Meeting
    Minutes for June 5, 2002 were reviewed and no changes were noted. Motion made by Kathy Schuessler and seconded by Jeanine Reynolds to approve minutes. Motion carried.

    Treasurer's Report for August and September 2002
    Jeanine Reynolds presented the reports.
    Treasurer's Report for June and July were reviewed and no changes were noted. Motion made by Ron Nail and seconded by Judy Tiner to approve reports. Motion carried.

    Committee Reports Election Committee
    A special/emergency election will be held for the Clerical EEO Classification. All senators that were elected during the regular election have been utilized. Ballots will be sent to members of this classification for nominations


    Election of Officers President-Elect
    Nominations - Chance Dragich, Everne Williams (declined), Ron Nail (declined), and Bill McDonald
    Motion made to close nominations by Pat Cates and seconded by Kerri Ford. Motion carried.
    Chance Dragich was elected by majority vote.

    Nominations - Jeanine Reynolds
    Motion made to close nominations by Paula Lowe and seconded by Roger Vinson. Motion carried.
    Jeanine Reynolds elected by acclamation.

    Nominations - Robin Cooper (declined), Philip Weathers, Moises Miranda
    Motion made to close nominations by Kathy Schuessler and Tim Segura. Motion Carried
    Philip Weathers elected by majority vote.

    Executive Board Representatives Senators divided into their respective EEO Classifications and nominated members to serve on the Executive Board. The Representatives are as follows:
    Clerical - Kerri Ford
    Crafts & Trades - Scott Rubino
    Service - Moises Miranda
    Technical/Paraprofessional - Robin Cooper
    Exec/Admin/Mgmt - Pat Cates
    Professional - Everne Williams

    President's Report-Maurice Welch
    Acknowledgement of a card received on behalf of the family of Janelle Pritchard.


    Childcare Center project is now in the design stage and the Staff Senate will receive a report from Christy Merriwether at the September meeting.

    Traffic and Parking Issues have arisen and that committee will be reformed.

    Next Executive Board Meeting
    August 28, 2002, 3:00 p.m., UC Llano Estacado Room

    Next Staff Senate Meeting
    September 4, 2002, 3:00 p.m., UC Senate Room

    Motion was made to adjourn by Steve Boyer and seconded by Bryan Carson. Motion carried.


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