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Minutes for November 6, 2002

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  • Meeting Minutes - November 6, 2002

    Call to Order; Maurice Welch, President, Presiding.
    Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call
    A quorum was present
    Senators Present: Bowen, Burdine, Ford, Graham, Kinney, Schuessler, Sims, Tiner, Wade, Cochran, Boyer, Crocket, Dragich, Rubino, Carson, Cates, Goodyear, Guinn, Marshall, Benton, Chen, Fernandez, Hancock, Kitten, McConnell, McDonald, Moore, Nail, Reynolds, Welch, Williams, Burns, Miranda, Vasquez, Vinson, Barron, Cooper, Johnson, Lowe. Senators Absent: McAnear, Weathers, Yeates, Hunter, Lewis, Willingham, Chavez, Crosby, Esquibel, Jasper, Segura, Snider.

    Minutes from October 2, 2002 Meeting
    Minutes reviewed a motion by Pat Cates and seconded by Kerri Ford. Motion carried.

    Treasurer's Report for October 2002
    Jeanine Reynolds presented the reports.
    Treasure's Report for October were reviewed and no changes were noted. Motion was made by Kerri Ford and seconded by Susan Kitten to approve report. Motion carried.

    Committee Reports
    Communications and Pubic Relations
    Ron Nail said they were working on the newsletter.



    Nominations, By Laws, Financial, Code of Conduct, and Disciplinary Committees
    Pat Cates said she still needs Senators on these committees. Help her out people.

    Election Committee
    Bill McDonald has 5 nominations for the Professional category. He will get ballots out November 15, 2002, and the deadline will be November 29, 2002, at 5:00 p.m.

    Bill had made a motion to the Executive Board that we print the ballots in color and the senate pay for them. Motion was seconded and carried.

    By-Laws Committee
    Susan Kitten said they had a meeting and discussed what types of issues can be brought to the Senate's attention, and the voting rights of the past president in his third year..

    Scholarship Committee
    Mary Benton said they had a meeting and discussed how to investigate how to raise the amount of money given to an employee for school, and how many semesters is the funding available. Mary said she has received an e-mail from Kerry Billingsley about what the committee did last year and it was to stay where it was. The committee is to check on this from year to year.

    Dr. Schmidly
    The University is moving up the chart. Enrollment is 27,569, freshman 4142, transfers 2218, graduate students 4099, minority enrollment up 18.9%, African American enrollment up 52%.
    Recruitment centers in El Paso, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.
    Campus at Junction is growing.
    Satellite campuses at Fredericksburg, and Marble Falls.
    Growth at the campus is a problem, getting 18 cents on the dollar
    University Daily reported that there was money missing from accounts. Be assured this is not the situation. The reporting of funds took longer than expected.
    We will have budget challenges.
    Texas Tech is the most accountable institution of higher education in Texas.
    Red Raider Camp for incoming freshmen was a big success; we want these freshmen to be Red Raiders for life. These freshmen are making better grades than ever before.
    Scholarship Fund is looking good, it's here to insure affordable education for everyone.
    Transfer Scholarship Program has put out $240,000 to help 120 students.
    Research Fund has hit $50,000,000.00. You multiply that times 3.91 and you get the economic impact on the area. Texas Tech is rated one of the top 50 Universities in the nation, at 43. Also, Sports Illustrated rates the TTU's athletics program at 43rd in the nation.
    We have a lot of new buildings going up. English, Education and Philosophy, along with the parking garage are finished. The garage is full and has a waiting list. Experimental Science and the Student Union are under construction. The Child Development Center is ready; all we need is to find the funding for it. We should not be satisfied until this project is done. It will benefit the faculty, staff, and students.
    We have more non-traditional students enrolling.
    We expect the enrollment to hit 29,500 next year and research funding to be $75,000,000.00
    We want to make sure we have quality people across the board in our faculty, staff, and students.
    There were two questions for Dr. Schmidly:
    The University of Texas has asked for tuition to be deregulated. However, UT may not be concerned, based on the number of admissions applications they receive.
    From Jeanine Reynolds: Are there classes for these non-traditional students to take at Tech? We have looked into it and have determined that right now it would not work. We have other universities in town that have non-traditional classes and we do not want to affect their programs. We will open it back up for discussion in the future.
    From Donna Wade: Wanted to know the ratio of students, to staff, to faculty. We have to have personel in place to attend the needs of the campus. Will depend on future funding.

    President's Report-Maurice Welch
    Maurice brought up that we might consider finding a new secretary for the Senate, due to the fact that Phillip has been really busy at his job. There was a motion by Roger Vinson to table this until the next meeting, and was seconded by Jeanine Reynolds. Motion carried.
    Maurice had a suggestion about the listing in the campus phone book; because of the timing of the release of the phone book, only 25% of the information is correct. He then made a motion that the listing only has the Staff Senate phone number and mail stop. Kerri Ford seconded and motion was carried.
    Maurice also brought up that the whole senate is in the phone book and we have the same problem with this. He made a motion to do away with this completely. Roger Vinson seconded and motion carried.
    Maurice brought up the problem with the campus mail and the mail being addressed to the Employee of the Physical Plant. These people are not getting their mail. Sandy Ellis with Human Resources at the Physical Plant had requested this to be changed and when BulkMail is used, everyone will have a label printed.
    Maurice brought up the issue of lay-offs on the campus. Referring to the University O.P 70.31, it is the determination of the departments involved.
    The O.P states on #7, paragraph 4, "This OP defines a termination as the voluntary removal of an employee from the service of the University when the removal results from a lack of work or funds without delinquency or misconduct on the part of the employee. The selection of individual employees to be retained or terminated will take into consideration the critical nature of the job to the mission of the University, performance, and the ability to do the work remaining. If the lack of work or funds is temporary, (i.e. less than one year), the employee, at the University discretion, may be offered the opportunity to take leave without pay instead of being terminated. Advance notice, when possible, should be given to employees being terminated or placed on leave without pay under the provisions of this policy".
    Mary Benton asked why this issue was coming up.
    Maurice stated that there are some lay-offs/ down sizing going on campus now.
    Bill McDonald had an issue with the way the OP was written. He thought it was very demeaning and should be looked at. Maybe it could be reworded. Bill will gather some additional information about the issue presented to him.
    Donna Wade brought up that it states two different issues: 1. The lack of funds; and 2. Discipline.

    New Senators Present: Brent Guinn, Doug Crocket
    Shannon Sims got married
    Judy Hunter promotion to Assistant Director
    Sherri Snyder Top Techsan
    Cari Goodyear is leaving the Senate. Cari is moving back to San Antonio.
    Reminder to all committees to notify President Maurice Welch or President-elect Chance Dragich of meeting times.

    Executive Board: November 20, 2002, 3:00p.m. Llano Estacado Room
    Next Staff Senate Meeting: December 4, 2002, 3:00 p.m. UC Senate Room



    Motion was made to adjourn by Steve Boyer and seconded by Scott Rubino. Motion carried.


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