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Minutes for January 7, 2004

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  • Meeting Minutes - January 7 , 2004

    Pledge of Allegiance
    Roll Call
    Senators present: Louisa Arriaga, Jana Atkins, Suzanne Bowen, Lovilla Cochran, Kerri Ford, Sandy Gellner, Eddie Ramirez, Diane Reid, Evelyn Armstrong, Jake Syma, Dawn Moreno, Doug Crocket, Chance Dragich, Scott Rubino, Jeff Foxhoven, Ken Gassiot, Scott Hall, Gene Bals, Camille Chen, Maria Fernandez, Patrick Hancock, Judy Hunter, Carolyn Kennedy, Susan Kitten, Sheri Lewis, Bill McDonald, Richard Verrone, Maurice Welch, Everne Williams, Nick Chavez, Russell Crosby, Gerald Cunningham, Larry Rocha, Maria Vasquez, Estella Barron, Robin Cooper, Gary Johnson, Carol Ann Stanley, Tim Wolf
    Senators absent: Alisa Dollar, Judy Tiner, Michael Hurlow, Bryan Carson, Brent Guinn, Pat McConnel, Terry Moore, David Naugher, Jeff Burns, Jeanne Jasper, Guadalupe Luna, Tim Segura

    Minutes – tabled until February

    Treasurer's Report
    Motion made to accept the report as written by Gary Johnson, seconded by Everne Williams – motion passed

    New Senators/ Oath
    Ken Gassiot – Exec/Admin/Man. – Student Mediation Center
    Evelyn Armstrong – Clerical – Physical Plant
    Jake Syma – Clerical – Library
    Dawn Moreno – Clerical – Mass Communications
    Tim Wolf – Tech/Parapro. – Technology Support

    Vice Chancellor for Community & Multicultural Affairs
    Cathy Allen – Vice Chancellor
    Tammy Branham – Senior Administrative Assistant
    Cory Powell – Associate Director
    Rosa Gallegos – Senior Administrator
    The office was established in September 1997 and renamed to the current name in September of 2002. The office is system wide – not just for TTU or HSC. Diversity covers much more than just ethnicity. The department consists of many different programs.
    University Day
    Annual Cultural Celebrations
    Arbor Day
    Take a Kid Game Day
    Alumni Relations
    College Prep Workshops
    Showcasing TTU students outside the Lubbock area ( Houston )
    Student retention
    Establish networks
    Conflict resolution
    Mentor Tech – modeled after a program at Boston college, 2002-2003 pilot year for program
    Provides a one to one connection for students with someone on campus
    Always in need of mentors – please contact if interested
    Will try to match qualities of mentors to the same type of qualities in the students – interests, background, etc.
    Next mentor banquet will take place in April
    Mentors do receive training manuals and resources – also attend an orientation
    Student Organizations
    Faculty/ Staff recruitment and support
    Diverse Strategic Planning Committee
    Partnerships – key components for scholarships
    Community relations
    Chancellors Community Minority Advisory Council (CCMAC)
    Builds effective communication between TTU and minority community
    Pastors' Forum
    Diversity Sensitivity Training
    Tailored to the audience
    Also offers training resources
    If interested in any of the above programs or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact the office at 742-8671 or visit www.DoubleTDiversity.com

    • Communications and PR – Sheri Lewis
    • Will meet on January 21, 2004 at 10:00am in the Student Union Conference Room

    • Scholarship – Robin Cooper
    • Received 50 applications to date – due date is January 15, 2004
    • Will meet on January 16, 2004 to review applications and choose the three recipients who will be announced in February

    • Elections – Bill McDonald
    • As of right now all is caught up


    • Childcare – Maurice Welch
    • Priority for the childcare center now is fundraising. This needs to be on the top of the Presidential priority list.
    • Asks that this issue be brought up during the next meeting with President Whitmore

    Update on David Naugher
    David is currently in Dallas . Received news that the chemotherapy was successful and he is now able to undergo knee replacement surgery.

    Staff Senate received a Thank You note for the Christmas gift cards sent to his family

    Motion made by Gary Johnson and seconded by Carol Ann Stanley – motion passed


TTU Staff Senate