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Minutes for March 4, 2004

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  • Meeting Minutes - March 4, 2004

    Pledge of Allegiance
    Roll Call
    Senators present: Louisa Arriaga, Suzanne Bowen, Lovilla Cochran, Kerri Ford, Sandy Gellner, Eddie Ramirez, Judy Tiner, Jake Syma, Chance Dragich, Scott Rubino, Bryan Carson, Brent Guinn, Scott Hall, Gene Bals, Maria Fernandez, Patrick Hancock, Carolyn Kennedy, Susan Kitten, Sheri Lewis, Bill McDonald, Terry Moore, Richard Verrone, Maurice Welch, Everne Williams, Jeff Burns, Nick Chavez, Guadalupe Luna, Estella Barron, Robin Cooper, Gary Johnson, Carol Ann Stanley
    Senators absent: Jana Atkins, Alisa Dollar, Diane Reid, Evelyn Armstrong, Dawn Moreno, Doug Crockett, Michael Hurlow, Jeff Foxhoven, Ken Gassiot, Judy Hunter, Pat McConnel, David Naugher, Gerald Cunningham, Larry Rocha, Maria Vasquez, Tim Wolf

    Motion made to accept the February minutes as written by Bryan Carson, seconded by Gary Johnson – motion passed

    Treasurer's Report
    Motion made to accept the report by Gary Johnson, seconded by Carol Ann Stanley – motion passed
    Budget revisions for FY2005 presented, motion made to accept the revision as written made by Richard Verrone, seconded by Sheri Lewis – motion passed

    New Senators/Oath
    Sandy Ellis – Professional – Physical Plant
    Evelyn Lemer – Service – Traffic and Parking


    Communications – Sheri Lewis
    Next meeting will be Thursday, March 11, 2004 at 3:00pm in the Student Media Center

    Elections – Bill McDonald
    Currently in the middle of a Service special election. Ballots were due March 1, 2004 . Currently no ballots have been received. Motion made to extend nomination period via TechAnnounce made by Richard Verrone, seconded by Patrick Hancock –motion passed.
    Nominations for the general election will be going out in early April and will be due back on April 12, 2004 .
    Currently looking into being able to vote on the web for future elections, not likely to happen this year.

    Director of Traffic and Parking – Raymond “Buddy” Knox
    Also in attendance Eric Crouch
    5 year plan available on the Traffic and Parking website www.parking.ttu.edu
    The price of parking will be increasing 7%, wanted to increase the amount by 30%, but that was refused by President Whitmore
    1000 paid spaces will be lost in lots C7, C8 and C9
    1000 spaces are being built on the west side of UMC, lot S1
    C10 lot will need to be reworked in order to meet specs
    250 spaces being added to C12
    Commuter permits will be capped
    S1 lot will be priced 2/3 of what the commuter lot is priced
    An additional 500 spaces will be added to S1 to bring the total to 1500
    Parking in the Town and Country shopping center will be closed down
    In approximately one year a new residence hall will be built creating a demand for 300 more spaces – currently the new hall does not have plans for a parking lot
    Pay Parking is doing well – the machines have now paid for themselves
    R2 lot will be losing some spaces due to reconfiguring for a path for construction trucks to maneuver
    Alternate sources of income for Traffic and Parking being researched. Currently proposed: $0.50 surcharge on every ticket for events on campus; Red Raider Club reimburse $5 for prime parking spots for home football games and $1 for home basketball games – these will be in exchange for offering parking enforcement during events at no charge
    If you are currently on a waiting list for a specific lot and you change departments on campus please inform Traffic and Parking so they may update the waiting lists

    President's Report
    A staff ombudsman position will be created and should be in effect for September 2004 per President Whitmore
    The time off with pay incentive will be put into effect
    The Staff Senate will have two people on each of the committees which will be picked by Chance Dragich
    Barbara White has been chosen to serve on the Ombudsman committee
    Staff Senate will work the phone bank for KTXT-TV pledge drive on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm , Robin Cooper is the contact for this due to Chance being out of town at the time

    Motion made by Gary Johnson, seconded by Maurice Welch – motion passed


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