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Minutes for May 5, 2004

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  • Meeting Minutes - May 5, 2004

    Pledge of Allegiance
    Roll Call
    Senators present: Louisa Arriaga, Jana Atkins, Suzanne Bowen, Lovilla Cochran, Alisa Dollar, Kerri Ford, Sandy Gellner, Eddie Ramirez, Diane Reid, Jake Syma, Dawn Moreno, Chance Dragich, Scott Rubino, Bryan Carson, Jeff Foxhoven, Ken Gassiot, Brent Guinn, Scott Hall, Gene Bals, Sandy Ellis, Maria Fernandez, Patrick Hancock, Judy Hunter, Carolyn Kennedy, Susan Kitten, Sheri Lewis, Pat McConnel, Bill McDonald, David Naugher, Maurice Welch, Everne Williams, Nick Chavez, Rocky Gauna, Evelyn Lemer, Guadalupe Luna, Maria Vasquez, Estella Barron, Robin Cooper, Gary Johnson, Carol Ann Stanley, Tim Wolf
    Senators absent: Judy Tiner, Evelyn Armstrong, Doug Crocket, Michael Hurlow, Terry Moore, Richard Verrone, Jeff Burns, Gerald Cunningham
    Guests: Donna McDonald, Leticia De Larrosa, Carla Cavender, Bill Davis, Libby Moreland, Erich Gruber, Cathy Kay, Casey Harmon, Jon Whitmore

    Motion made to approve March minutes as written made by Maurice Welch, seconded by Patrick Hancock – motion passed
    Motion made to approve April minutes with correction to guest names made by Sheri Lewis, seconded by Lovilla Cochran – motion passed

    Treasurer's Report – Susan Kitten
    Report will be submitted next month

    New Senator Oath
    Taken by Rocky Gauna, Grounds Maintenance, term ending 2006

    Elections – Bill McDonald
    Have received several nominations back, should have enough to fill vacancies and still have alternates in several EEO categories

    Communications and PR – Sheri Lewis
    Next meeting will take place on May 19, 2004 at 10:00am in the Student Media Conference Center

    Director of Personnel, Jim Brown
    http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/statutes/gv.toc.htm .
    • Fluctuate due to weekends and holidays that fall on same day
    • If a holiday falls on a weekend it cannot be taken
    • The University can schedule holidays with the academic calendar
    • Board of Regents approves the yearly schedule
    • National holidays are observed first
    • State holidays are moved around
    • President usually observes ½ day at Thanksgiving and Good Friday
    • Emergency powers are reserved by state agency
    • University CANNOT observe more holidays than state employees

    Texas Tech University President Dr. Jon Whitmore
    FY2005 budget going to Board of Regents in mid May
    A good budget because of the increase of tuition
    Another 3% merit will be offered for a total of 6% merit which will be reflected on the October paycheck for those receiving the increase
    The majority of the tuition increase will go back to the students in the form of financial aid

    New faculty will be hired with tuition increase monies
    New staff in student services with tuition increase monies
    New teaching equipment to be purchased with tuition increase monies
    Some offices will be going to summer hours to help save utility costs
    The budget is positive due to the increase in tuition not an increase in state money
    Hopeful for additional funds out of the next legislature
    Thank you for participating in the Staff Senate
    Items out of the Senate going into effect are:
    Better compensation – merit increases
    Staff ombudsman position starting in FY05
    Time off with pay incentive starting in the fall

    Goal for FY05 is communication
    Meet as much as possible with the staff
    Open Town Meetings at least once per semester
    University Newsletter maybe in an electronic format
    Develop a Budget Advisory Council which the Staff Senate President will hold a position
    President Whitmore presented Chance Dragich a certificate for Distinguished Service from the President's Office
    Announced there would be a reception after the meeting for all Staff Senators

    Officer elections will take place at the June meeting for the next Senate term. Offices to be elected would be President – elect, Secretary and Treasurer
    Kudos to 2004 Quality Service Awards recipients Jeff Burns, Grounds Maintenance and Robin Cooper, Grounds Maintenance
    Lauro Cavazos & Ophelia Powell-Malone Mentoring Program Mentor of the Year: Everne Williams

    Motion made to adjourn by Gary Johnson, seconded by Maurice Welch – motion passed


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