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Minutes for June 2, 2004

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  • Meeting Minutes - June 2, 2004

    Pledge of Allegiance
    Roll Call
    Senators present: Louisa Arriaga, Jana Atkins, Lovilla Cochran, Kerri Ford, Sandy Gellner, Eddie Ramirez, Judy Tiner, Evelyn Armstrong, Jake Syma, Dawn Moreno, Chance Dragich, Scott Rubino, Jeff Foxhoven, Ken Gassiot, Brent Guinn, Scott Hall, Gene Bals, Sandy Ellis, Judy Hunter, Carolyn Kennedy, Susan Kitten, Pat McConnel, David Naugher, Richard Verrone, Maurice Welch, Everne Williams, Jeff Burns, Nick Chavez, Gerald Cunningham, Evelyn Lemer, Guadalupe Luna, Maria Vasquez, Estella Barron, Robin Cooper, Gary Johnson, Tim Wolf
    Senators absent: Suzanne Bowen, Alisa Dollar, Diane Reid, Doug Crocket, Michael Hurlow, Bryan Carson, Maria Fernandez, Patrick Hancock, Sheri Lewis, Bill McDonald, Terry Moore, Rocky Gauna, Carol Ann Stanley

    Motion made by Gary Johnson to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Sandy Ellis – motion passed

    Treasurer's Report – Susan Kitten
    Motion made to accept the report, seconded by Richard Verrone – motion passed

    Communications and PR – Maurice Welch
    Working on plans for the inauguration of new senators and recognition of outgoing senators taking place on July 14, 2004
    Currently both Chancellor Smith and President Smith are scheduled to be out of town
    Small reception to follow ceremony
    Will be announced on TechAnnounce
    2005 term Officer elections

    President-Elect nominations
    Richard Verrone
    Maria Fernandez
    Gary Johnson made the motion nominations cease, seconded by Evelyn Lemer – motion passed
    Richard Verrone elected

    Secretary nominations
    Jana Atkins
    Carolyn Kennedy
    Gary Johnson made the motion nominations cease, seconded by Everne Williams – motion passed
    Jana Atkins elected

    Treasurer nominations
    Carol Ann Stanley
    Gary Johnson made the motion we accept the current nomination for office, seconded by Judy Hunter – motion passed

    July 14, 2004 meeting will be for the installation of 2005 term President Brent Guinn and new senators oath and recognition of retiring senators
    Congratulations and best wishes to Jeff Foxhoven and Richard Verrone who were both married over the past weekend
    Jeff Burns announced that the Band parking lot is closed due to construction, also June 21 – 25, 2004 18 the Street will be down to one lane between Flint and Hartford, and June 28 – July 10, 2004 Flint will be down to one lane between 15 th and 18 th streets

    Motion made to adjourn by Everne Williams, seconded by Gary Johnson – motion passed

    ****Senate term 2005 – please look for your Staff Senate minutes to be available on the Staff Senate website www.depts.ttu.edu/staffsenate . Availability will be announced through TechAnnounce.


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