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Minutes for August 6, 2003

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  • Meeting Minutes - August 6, 2003

    Call to Order: Chance Dragich, President, Presiding.
    Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call
    Senators Present: Arriaga, Bowen, Cochran, Corzine, Ford, McAnear, Ramirez, Dragich, Hurlow, Rubino, Foxhoven, Guinn, Hall, Bals, Chen, Fernandez, Hancock, Hunter, Kennedy, Kitten, Lewis, Naugher, Verrone, Welch, Williams, Burns, Crosby, Cunningham, Luna, Barron, Cooper, Johnson, Stanley
    Senators Absent: Burdine, Gellner, Tiner, Crocket, Carson, McConnel, McDonald, Moore, Chavez, Jasper, Rocha, Segura, Vazquez

    Executive Board and Committees
    Executive Board for 2003 – 2004:
    Clerical Lovilla Cochran
    Crafts/Trade Mike Hurlow
    Professional Richard Verrone
    Exec/Admin/Mgmt Jeff Foxhoven
    Service Russell Crosby
    Technical Carol Ann Stanley
    Committee on Committees Chair:
    Carolyn Kennedy
    Strategic Planning Committee:
    Sheri Lewis
    Academic Council:
    Richard Verrone
    Provost Council:
    Chance Dragich

    Interim President Speaks
    Dr. Haragan reminded the staff of the quorum scheduled with the second presidential candidate, Jon Whitmore, August 7, 2003, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am in the Red Raider Lounge of the Student Union Building.
    The legislation voted to deregulate tuition.
    The governor vetoed the excellence funds.
    When leaving office for the new president to come in Dr. Haragan stated he would leave a recommendation for a 4% pool to be used for an increase in pay for both staff and faculty. The 4% would come from the increased tuition fees.

    New Business/ Issues
    KTXT-TV asked for volunteers for Friday, August 17, 2003 from 8:00pm to 10:30pm.
    There were no volunteers for the phone bank due to the short notice. It was decided that for the March fundraiser that we would start earlier trying to gather volunteers.
    Russell Crosby, Patrick Hancock and Jeff Foxhoven recited the Staff Senate oath.
    Maurice Welch made a motion to adjourn – Russell Crosby seconded.


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