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Minutes for September 3, 2003

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  • Meeting Minutes - September 3, 2003

    Pledge of Allegiance
    Roll Call
    Senators present – Arriaga, Bowen, Burdine, Cochran, Ford, Gellner, Ramirez, Tiner, Dragich, Hurlow, Rubino, Carson, Foxhoven, Guinn, Hall, Bals, Chen, Fernandez, Hancock, Hunter, Kennedy, Kitten, Lewis, Moore, Naugher, Verrone, Williams, Burns, Chavez, Crosby, Luna, Vasquez, Barron, Cooper, Johnson, Stanley
    Senators absent – Corzine, Crockett, McConnel, McDonald, Welch, Cunningham, Jasper, Rocha, Segura,

    Committee on Committees – Brent Guinn – Volunteers are needed for the committees. A list was passed around for the Senate members to sign up for a committee.

    By-law Committee – Susan Kitten – 1st reading of the proposed by-law change.
    Amendment #1
    Article I. H. Senator/Alternate Ratio currently states:
    In the event that the Alternate pool is depleted, the Election Committee shall arrange a special election with the approval of the Executive Board.
    The proposed change is:
    In the event that the Alternate pool for an EEO classification is depleted:
    1. The Election Committee shall arrange a special election with the approval of the Executive Board if the term to be filled is eighteen (18) months of longer.
    2. The Executive Board can solicit and fill vacated positions after the general election each year, once all alternates have been moved into permanent positions, if the term to be filled is less than eighteen (18) months.
    COPS – Joani Burdine – the committee has received a remarkable response from the Lubbock businesses. So much so they are requesting volunteers to help input the data into a spreadsheet for distribution.

    WEB SITE – Jeff Foxhoven – Jeff has visited with the web development team and they are currently working on the new site. The site is hosted by TOSM. The new look will coincide with the main TTU page. If you have information that needs to be posted to the site you may email that to jeff.foxhoven@ttu.edu

    Vice President of Operations – Max Hinojosa – brought and introduced his staff
    Cherie King – Executive Administrative Assistant
    Linda Stafford – Coordinator Facilities Information
    Douglas Chowning – Managing Director Physical Plant
    APPA award received in 2001 for Excellence in Facilities Management
    Raymond Knox – Managing Director Traffic and Parking
    Started a new program where lots are closed when full and students are directed to the next available lot. This has resulted in fewer tickets and less towing.
    Dewey Shroyer – Managing Director Grounds Maintenance
    September, 2002 received Professional Grounds Management Honor Award presented by Professional Grounds Management Society and Landscape Management Magazine
    Art Glick – Assistant to VP of Operations, Site Development
    Jack North – Managing Director Golf Coarse Operations
    Thomas Doyle – Managing Director Environmental Health and Safety

    President’s Report
    President Jon Whitmore took office on September 2, 2003. A meeting with President Whitmore will take place as soon as his calendar will permit.

    New Business and Issues
    The Lauro Cavozos & Ophelia Powell-Malone Mentoring Program needs mentors. This information was offered and is available.
    A resolution to support a spring pay increase for full and part time employees was read. A motion to split the resolution into two – one for full time and one for part time was passed. A task force was formed to carry the resolution further. The task force consists of Richard Verrone, Judy Tiner, Joani Burdine, Sheri Lewis, Russell Crosby, Brent Guinn and Robin Cooper.

    Motion made by Robin Cooper and 2nd Patrick Hancock


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