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Minutes for October 1, 2003

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  • Meeting Minutes - October 1 , 2003

    Pledge of Allegiance
    Roll Call
    Senators Present: Louisa Arriaga, Suzanne Bowen, Joan Burdine, Lovilla Cochran,
    Jana Corzine, Kerri Ford, Eddie Ramirez, Judy Tiner, Doug Crockett, Chance Dragich, Mike Hurlow, Scott Rubino, Bryan Carson, Jeff Foxhoven, Brent Guinn, Scott Hall, Gene Bals, Camille Chen, Maria Fernandez, Patrick Hancock, Judy Hunter, Carolyn Kennedy, Susan Kitten, Sheri Lewis, Pat McConnel, Bill McDonald, Terry Moore, Richard Verrone, Maurice Welch, Everne Williams, Jeff Burns, Nick Chavez, Russell Crosby, Gerald Cunningham, Larry Rocha, Maria Vasquez,  Estella Barron, Robin Cooper, Gary A. Johnson, Carol Ann Stanley
    Senators Absent: Sandy Gellner, David Naugher, Jeanne Jasper, Guadalupe Luna, Tim Segura
    Guests: Lyndon Brinegar, Kent Vineyard, John Barber, Brian Denison, Erich Gruber, Darrell Bateman, Bob Hempel, Dave Gruver, Gloria Hale, Jim Brown, Jennifer Fry, Christy Ryan, Adam Bordeler

    Review minutes
    August and September were accepted as written. Motion made by Brent Guinn, seconded by Susan Kitten – motion passed.

    Treasurer's Report
    Report for June, July and August were accepted as written. Motion made by Richard Verrone, seconded by Scott Hall – motion passed.

    Bylaws – Judy Tiner – 1 st reading of the final draft of Article I. Membership
    (Now Reads) –
    A Senator has a commitment to attend all meetings. Senators should call the President, President-Elect, or Staff Senate Secretary prior to an absence and follow up in writing within five working days after the meeting. The subject of the call and documentation is the reason for the absence. Three absences in a Senate term year will be considered excessive, The Secretary will notify the Executive Board of Senators with excessive absences. The Executive Board will notify Senators with three absences in writing and advise them to note the policy regarding additional absences. Senators will be replaced after five absences in a Senate term year.

    Expulsion of a Staff Senator/Alternate shall be recommended by the Executive Board and voted on by the full Staff Senate.
    (Changed to Read) –

    A Senator has a commitment to attend all meetings. Senators should contact the President, President-Elect, or Executive Secretary prior to an expected absence and follow up in writing within five working days after the meeting explaining the absence. After three absences in a Senate term year, the Secretary will notify the Executive Board concerning the excessive absences of the Senator. The Executive Board will notify the Senator in writing of his/her absences and advise the Senator to note the policy regarding absences. After five absences in a Senate term year, the Staff Senate Secretary will file a report regarding the Senator to the Executive Board for consideration and recommendation of expulsion from the Senate. After review and acceptance by the Executive Board, the matter will be presented to the Staff Senate for vote at the next scheduled Staff Senate meeting.

    Possible expulsion of a Staff Senator/Alternate for matters other than absences will be reviewed by the Grievance Committee. After review of the Grievance Committee's finding by the Board, the Board may present a call for vote from the Staff Senate to request expulsion of the Senator/Alternate.

    Bylaws – Susan Kitten – 2nd reading of proposed change to Article I. H.
    (Now Reads) –
    Article I. H. Senator/Alternate Ratio:
    In the event that the Alternate pool is depleted, the Election Committee shall arrange a special election with the approval of the Executive Board.
    (Changed to Read) –
    In the event that the Alternate pool for an EEO classification is depleted:
    • The Election Committee shall arrange a special election with the approval of the Executive Board if the term to be filled is eighteen (18) months or longer.
    • The Executive Board can solicit and fill vacated positions after the general election each year, once all alternates have been moved into permanent positions, if the term to be filled is less than eighteen (18) months.

    Motion to accept the change as written was made by Richard Verrone and seconded by Mike Hurlow – motion passed.

    Communications/PR – Sheri Lewis – committee will meet in the Student Media in room 210 on October 15, 2003 at 10:00am.

    Web Site – Jeff Foxhoven – Jeff gave a brief overview of the updated web site located at www.depts.ttu.edu/staffsenate .

    Committee on Committees – Caroline Kennedy – passed out a list of the current committees to all attending members.

    Executive Board
    President ................................. Chance Dragich
    President-Elect .............................. Brent Guinn
    Secretary ........................................ Kerri Ford
    Treasurer ..................................... Susan Kitten
    Past President .......................... Maurice Welch
    Crafts & Trade ............................ Mike Hurlow
    Clerical .................................... Lovilla Cochran

    Executive ................................... Jeff Foxhoven
    Professional ............................ Richard Verrone
    Service ..................................... Russell Crosby
    Technical ............................. Carol Ann Stanley
    Nominations ......................... Carolyn Kennedy

    Bylaws and Constitution
    Jana Corzine
    Lovilla Cochran
    Judy Tiner, Chair
    Gary Johnson
    Terry Moore
    Susan Kitten

    Scott Rubino
    Judy Tiner
    Bryan Carson
    Carolyn Kennedy, Chair
    Gerald Cunningham
    Robin Cooper

    Steven Boyer
    Louisa Arriaga
    Scott Hall
    Estella Barron
    Guadalupe Luna
    Gary Johnson
    Maurice Stephenson
    Bill McDonald, temp. chair

    Tomas Olivarez, Chair
    Sandy Gellner
    Troy Sell
    Gene Bals
    Russell Crosby
    Estella Barron

    Communications/Public Relations
    Carol Ann Stanley
    Maria Fernandez
    Sheri Lewis, Chair
    Suzanne Bowen
    Maria Vasquez
    Camille Chen
    Barbara White
    Carol Woodward

    Other Senate Committees (Ad Hoc):

    Web Page
    Jeff Foxhoven, Chair
    Brent Guinn
    Bill McDonald

    Robin Cooper, Chair
    Maria Fernandez

    Maria Vasquez
    Guadalupe Luna
    Everne Williams

    Joan Burdine, Chair
    Patrick Hancock
    David Naugher
    Judy Hunter
    Suzanne Bowen

    Child Care
    Carol Ann Stanley
    Maurice Welch

    Shannon Bolt
    Nick Chavez
    Doug Crockett
    Rosa Gallejos
    Mary Reigner

    Senate Representative to University Committees
    Provost Council: Chance Dragich
    Strategic Planning: Sheri Lewis
    Academic Counsel: Richard Verrone
    Sexual Harrassment: Tanya So

    Chancellor David Smith speaks
    • TTU is off to a great start with 28,700 students
    • with the legislative decision an increase in tuition will occur, approximately $10
    • this increase will have the most effect on students whose family income is between $40,000 and $80,000 (appox. 31% of Tech students)
    • more faculty is needed in the classrooms to support the increasing number of students
    • received several compliments from parents who attended orientation regarding the beauty of the campus and the friendliness of staff
    • still fighting to restore the excellence funding that was vetoed by the governor – may not be successful but haven't yet given up
    • Dr. Whitmore is off to a great start
    • new names for the Board of Regents will be released after confirmation

    • Texas Tomorrow Fund?
    Good investment, frozen now – so if you got in early enough good for you.
    • Control at the football games?
    Will be a group effort consisting of the University Police, grounds and Boren group. Citations will be issued for trespassing if on the field after the game. The goal posts will also be dropped.
    • Luxury boxes still available?
    Enough boxes have been leased or sold to retire the debt. Three large boxes are still available and six additional small boxes are still not finished.

    Wage and Salary Manager Dave Gruver
    • hired in 1996 to fix the pay plan
    • on original steering committee for the staff senate
    • EEO codes are changed after elections are held
    • any changes to the pay plan have to receive approval from Elmo Cavin, Executive Vice President HSC, Lynda Gilbert Fiscal Affairs VP and Jim Brunjes, CFO System
    • current pay plan includes Lubbock, Amarillo, Odessa, El Paso and Dallas and 22 jails within the system
    • plan had to be regionally functional
    • conversion of pay plan took 7 years
    • conversion tried to put people in groups of similar jobs, experience levels and create a career ladder for the majority of positions
    • pay plan is in three parts: students, non-classified and classified
    • new rules for departmental exempt/non-exempt status will be coming out in the spring
    • chance that minimum wage may increase next year – could increase $1 over a three year period
    • people can be paid over the maximum of the pay range – just cannot be hired for more than the maximum
    • 41 pay grades condensed to 27
    • as long as the department has the money and approval they can hire anywhere within the paygrade
    • departments can issue raises to staff up to 10% with VP approval as long as the department can fund the raise
    • Jim Brown with personnel will come to a department at any time to discuss issues
    • expects feedback from employees about pay plan
    • a state employee is not going to make the same amount of money as those in the private sector

    President's Report
    October 15, 2003 meeting with President Whitmore
    Contributions for David Naugher and his family will be used to purchase gift cards for United Supermarkets. This way the family can use them for groceries or gas purchases
    Quality Service awards deadline is approaching

    motion made by Brent Guinn, seconded by Maurice Welch – motion passed.


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