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Minutes for June 01, 2005

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  Pledge of Allegiance

  Roll Call


Senators present: Louisa Arriaga, Jana Atkins, Estella Barron, Ann Bell, Jaclyn Byrd, Robin Cooper, Gerald Cunningham, Sandy Ellis, Travis Findley, Sandy Gellner, Scott Hall, Patrick Hancock, Gary A. Johnson, Marlene Kenady, Carolyn Kennedy, Rick Loper, Guadalupe Luna, Amy Martindale, Barbara McArthur, Teresa Neal, Rebecca Owens, Donna Perry, Don Roulain, Carol Ann Stanley, Jake Syma, Richard Verrone, Barbara White, Everne Williams


Senators absent: Gene Bals, Eric Burrell, Bryan Carson, Nick Chavez, Doug Crockett, Chance Dragich, Maria Fernandez, Rocky Gauna, Brent Guinn, Lori Hefley, Sheri Lewis, Dawn Moreno, Larry Phillippe, Valli Ramanathan, Eddie Ramirez, Tim Wolf



  Motion made by Carolyn Kennedy to accept the minutes.

  Seconded by Sandy Ellis

  Motion carries


  Treasurer's Report

  Motion made by Gary Johnson to accept the Treasurer's Report.

  Seconded by Patrick Hancock

  Motion carries


  Committee Reports

  Elections - Sandy Ellis - Ballots have been sent to everyone and are due June 3. A large stack of ballots were returned both yesterday and today. A ballot-counting party will be held some time after the deadline. Brent Guinn or Richard Verrone will place an announcement on TechAnnounce about the new senators. There was a question from the floor about voting for only one senator per ballot. Although this will facilitate the counting process, it was suggested that this might not give an accurate count of who staff members prefer for representatives. This committee needs a procedures manual for guidance to future committee members.

  COPS - Patrick Hancock - Nothing to report. It was suggested that this committee become a subcommittee of the Communications and Public Relations Committee.

  Communications and Public Relations - Rebecca Owens - The Executive Board has suggested creating a professional-looking end-of-year newsletter. This newsletter will outline the considerable accomplishments of the Staff Senate this year. The committee would like to invest in more promotional items utilizing the Staff Senate logo. The committee also would like to create a coupon book to draw more attention to the many offers obtained by the COPS committee from local businesses.

  Web page - No report

  Scholarships - Robin Cooper - "Have money, will award." The committee has plans to advertise more as well.

  Nominations - Sandy Gellner - Nothing to report

  Grievances - No report

  Outside committees:

  Budget Advisory Committee - Richard Verrone - T his was a good year for Tech from the legislature. The university did not get the entire amount requested, but Tech's allocation is more than the minimum needed to operate. Some of the money is already allocated for faculty salaries or earmarked for research. The Excellence Fund may be replaced. There are some university needs which should be addressed, such as a deficit of $10-11 million. The issue of employee raises was mentioned, but there was no discussion of what type of raise might be implemented. President Whitmore listed his priorities for the university:

  invest in people - put people first

  hire more faculty

  compensate employees better

  increase diversity

  increase transparency of university operations

  increase graduate program attendance and research money and attention that grad students get

  increase quality of undergraduate education

Top 3

  More faculty (43 have been hired, 99 is the goal)

  Quality education for undergraduates

  Graduate education

Raises for staff is not on this list, but Whitmore did mention that this is something he wants to do this year along the lines of a 1% to 3% increase. He did not indicate whether it would be merit-based or across-the-board. The total budget for TTU is $550 million, up from $520-530 million. The money surplus may take care of some raises for staff. The local newspaper mentioned all state employees would receive raises except higher education. One reason offered is that higher education is not included in the state's mandated pay raise for staff because higher education staff have received raises more recently than state agency employees. Any special sessions in the legislature will deal with K-12 education.

  Women's and Gender Equity - Jake Syma - The committee was moved from the Provost's oversight to a Presidential Council. A President's Council requires student representation, so the committee will need to find a student to serve in that capacity. This committee was formed after a study several years ago to address salary, equity, and other issues.

  Strategic Planning Council - Gil Reeve needs volunteers from the Staff Senate to help with the Strategic Planning Council. Chance Dragich is rotating off this council and the position needs to be filled. The council has 3 staff members with 2-year terms. It meets once a month, with meetings scheduled according to availability. The meetings usually run 60-90 minutes. Kerry Billingsley is chair. The new session begins September 1. Dr. Reeve needs a list of 3-4 nominees, and he specifically asked for Staff Senators. Richard Verrone will submit this list from Senator nominations, and President Whitmore will select the new member.

  Issues - Amy Martindale

  Parking at Development - According Buddy Knox, one person has relinquished a space between Drane and Development. The new signage will be placed sometime this summer.

  The campus mobility survey is now closed. All the data is in and a report will be issued soon. There were 368 responses to the survey.

  New: Personal space in research labs - A staff member wrote in concerned about employees working in research labs who do not have any space for personal items. Donna Perry is lead researcher for this issue. She is working to get a list of all these lab areas and meet with people in these areas to determine the extent of the problem.

  New: Missing Departments - Campus maps have not been updated and departments have moved to other campus locations. Maps may be updated every year in October, but the committee will request this be done sooner.

  New: ADA Accessibility to Campus Buildings - People with disabilities are having difficulty accessing buildings. Teresa Neil is lead researcher. She will work to determine if all buildings on campus meet current ADA requirements and if there are any particular buildings that are problematic, even if they do meet the requirements.

  New: Pay raises - Staff members have not received an across-the-board raise since 2001. Although some merit-based raises have been offered, not all staff members received them. Therefore, there are some staff members on campus who have not received any raises since 2001. A resolution has been prepared to request a pay raises which will be administered across the board. See the full text of the resolution in Appendix A.

  Motion from the committee to accept this resolution


  A 3% raise is the same 3% whether allocated as a merit pool or across-the-board. It is 3% of the total salary budget at TTU.

  Smaller raises and rising costs of working and driving to campus could result in a de facto pay cut (for example, the 5% parking increase which was recently approved).

  Merit raises deny departments the ability to award equitable raises to all employees when they all do their jobs well.

  With across-the-board raises, poor employees are rewarded equally with the good employees.

  This resolution only asks for an across-the-board raise for this year.

  The raise could be split so that part is given across the board and part is merit-based.

  Merit raises were given in February and September totaling of 3% last year. Before that, 2001 was the last across-the-board raise for staff. Splitting the pool would result in ineffective (very small) raises for some.

  Some supervisors give good thought to who gets which raises and some do not. There are some supervisors who decide who gets which raises that do not work directly with those employees and do not know those employees' work habits.

  Motion made by Jaclyn Byrd to vote on this resolution.


  For - 26

  Against - 2

  Abstain - 1

  Resolution passed


  Bylaws change : There was some debate that the second change to Article III Section C of the bylaws was not voted on at the May meeting. Therefore, a vote was taken today. For the full text showing the changes, see appendix B.

  Motion made by Jake Syma to accept this change

  Seconded by Ann Bell

  Motion carries


  Officer Elections: The first race will be for President-elect. Votes in contested races will be conducted by paper ballot. This procedure will not be used for uncontested races.


  Rebecca Owens was nominated by Jaclyn Byrd

  Barbara White was nominated by Carolyn Kennedy

  Motion made by Gary Johnson to cease nominations

  Seconded by Don Roulain


  Rebecca Owens - 16

  Barbara White - 11

  Abstain - 1

  The new President-elect for 2005-2006 is Rebecca Owens


  Barbara White was nominated by Carolyn Kennedy

  Scott Hall was nominated by Everne Williams

  Motion made by Robin Cooper to cease nominations

  Seconded by Jaclyn Byrd


  Barbara White - 20

  Scott Hall - 4

  Barbara White will continue as Treasurer for 2005-2006


  Jana Atkins was nominated by Jaclyn Byrd

  Motion from the floor to cease nominations

  Jana Atkins was declared Secretary by acclamation for 2005-2006


  New Senators will be installed at the next meeting, which will be moved to July 13 at 3:00 p.m. The meeting location is to be determined. Incoming and outgoing senators should attend, and colleagues are also invited. Refreshments will be served.


  Motion by Gary Johnson to adjourn

  Seconded by Scott Hall

Appendix A


Texas Tech University Staff Senate

June 1, 2005


Stating the Staff Senate position on an Across-the-Board Pay Raise for Staff


· Whereas staff have not received a mandatory, cost-of-living salary increase in nearly four years;

· And, whereas the two salary increases in the past year were merit-based raises, which eliminated some staff from a raise;


Be it therefore resolved this day, that the Texas Tech University Staff Senate supports allocating funds in the 2006 fiscal year designated for staff salary increases as an across-the-board mandatory increase, with equal consideration for all eligible staff members.

Appendix B


Bylaws Changes


Article III. Officer Duties and Vacancies

Section C - Removal from Office


Any officer may be removed upon two-thirds majority vote of the full Staff Senate. A petition signed by 15 percent of the Staff Senators shall be filed and attached to the agenda for the next meeting at which the vote shall be taken.



For any reason other than absence at Executive Board, any officer may be removed upon two-thirds majority vote of the full Staff Senate. A petition signed by 15 percent of the Staff Senators shall be filed and attached to the agenda for the next meeting at which the vote shall be taken.



TTU Staff Senate