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Minutes for August 4, 2004

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  • Meeting Minutes - Aug 4, 2004

    Pledge of Allegiance
    Roll Call
    Senators present: Louisa Arriaga, Jana Atkins, Gene Bals, Estella Barron, Steven Boyer, Eric Burrell, Jaclyn Byrd, Bryan Carson, Nick Chavez, Robin Cooper, Chance Dragich, Sandy Ellis, Maria Fernandez, Travis Findley, Sandy Gellner, Brent Guinn, Patrick Hancock, Lori Hefley, Virginia Holder, Gary Johnson, Carolyn Kennedy, Sheri Lewis, Amy Martindale, Libby Moreland, Teresa Neal, Rebecca Owens, Donna Perry, Larry Phillippe, Valli Ramanathan, Eddie Ramirez, Carol Ann Stanley, Judy Tiner, Richard Verrone, Everne Williams, Tim Wolf
    Senators absent: Evelyn Armstrong, Doug Crockett, Gerald Cunningham, Rocky Gauna, Scott Hall, Mike Hurlow, Susan Kitten, Evelyn Lemer, Rick Loper, Guadalupe Luna, Dawn Moreno, Larry Rocha, Don Roulain, Jake Syma, Barbara White

    Guests: Kerry Billingsley

    Minutes Motion made by Richard Verrone to approve June minutes as written, seconded – motion passed

    Treasurer’s Report – Susan Kitten No Treasurer’s Report is available for this meeting. Susan Kitten is working to close out the books for the fiscal year end.

    Quality Service Awards – Kerry Billingsly 2 years ago, Quality Service merged with the Training Department to create Quality Service and Professional Development. They provide training seminars for Service Plus, management, professional development, and customer service.
    Nominations are currently being accepted for the ninth annual Quality Service awards. The Service Awards program is designed to recognize staff members with exceptional customer service skills and who “go the extra mile.” The deadline for nominations is Monday, October 4, 2004 at 5:00 p.m. Qualifications must be met by September 1, 2004 and the staff member must: be a benefits-eligible employee at Texas Tech University for at least two years;
    have a positive, current evaluation;
    have attended a Service Plus seminar.
    Quality Service Awards are cash awards in the amount of $500, processed through payroll. Up to thirty awards are given each year.
    The Chancellor’s Excellence Award is a cash award, also processed through payroll, in the amount of $2500 which can be awarded to an individual or a team. A maximum of two awards are given each year. All team members must be eligible to receive a Quality Service Award.
    A common questions is How do I know what to write? The selection committee has only the nomination form on which to create a ranked list. 25% is based on service excellence, 75% is based on the extraordinary circumstances of the nominee. Be sure to include what is extraordinary about how the staff member goes about his/her job. Get your message across.
    Length of service is not considered when decisions are made, other than to determine the staff member’s eligibility for the award.
    Quality Service Awards are designed to supplement the Service Plus philosophy at Texas Tech University, so attendance at a Service Plus seminar is a requirement.
    Don’t worry about whether your nominee meets the award requirements. Quality Service will check eligibility for nominees.
    Quality Service sends disqualified nominations to the Vice President of the staff member’s division with the reason(s) for the disqualification.
    Richard Verrone asked why Librarians and Archivists are not eligible to receive Quality Service Awards. According to Ms. Billingsley, the decision was made by the Academic Area that Librarians and Archivists are considered faculty, not staff, and therefore are not eligible. According to personnel, however, Archivists are considered staff. Everne Williams will check into this in the Personnel office. Ms. Billingsley will research this issue further to insure there have not been any changes.
    Ms. Billingsley will check with the Housekeeping department to make sure everyone is aware of this call for nominations.

    Committees Two committees were formed by the president and previous Staff Senate Sessions . The Staff Ombudsman will be a neutral party in helping staff members find solutions to any problems that arise during the staff member’s employment here at Tech. The PDQ needs to be submitted by the end of August.
    Incentive Time Off With Pay is working toward providing a merit-based benefit for staff members of additional paid time off. The president wants feedback on this by the end of August.
    The President and President-elect will try to attend all committee meetings, especially the initial meetings for each committee. Committees are requested to notify the President of any scheduled meetings so arrangements can be made to attend.

    The Executive Committee meets on the last Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in Engineering Center room 104. The next meeting is August 25. Anyone is welcome to attend.

    Executive Committee for 2004-2005 Sandy Gellner, Clerical
    Travis Findley, Crafts and Trades
    Rebecca Owens, Executive/Administrative/Management
    Carolyn Kennedy, Professional
    Don Roulain (nominated), Service
    Robin Cooper, Technical/Paraprofessional

    Announcements Update on David Naugher – David was recently admitted for his last treatment for the bone cancer in his knee and will now be moving on to the post-treatment period. The treatments are very difficult, and this type of cancer is very hard on the bone marrow, so David and his family ask for continued prayers.
    Everyone is encouraged to attend Staff Senate meetings, including non-senators. Senators are encouraged to make meeting attendance a priority. Meetings are held at 3:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month and last 1½ to 2 hours.
    The Staff Senate is here to handle issues affecting groups of staff members at Texas Tech University. Please submit issues for the Staff Senate to discuss, research, and pursue. These issues can be anything that affects a group of staff members on campus. An Issues Form is available on the Staff Senate website, and each senator has been issued a copy of the form. Forms can be given to any Staff Senator or sent to mail stop 5040.
    The next Staff Senate meeting will be Wednesday, September 1 in the Student Union, Escondido Theater. University President John Whitmore will speak to help kick off the new year.

    Motion made to adjourn by Everne Williams, seconded by Gary Johnson – motion passed

    ****Senate term 2005 – please look for your Staff Senate minutes to be available on the Staff Senate website www.depts.ttu.edu/staffsenate . Availability will be announced through TechAnnounce.


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