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Minutes for January 04, 2006

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  • Welcome
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call

Senators present: Jana Atkins, Estella Barron, Joan Blackmon, Eric Burrell, Jaclyn Byrd, Gerald Cunningham, Crystal Davis, Sheryl Epperson, Scott Hall, Judy Hunter, Donna Hurtado, Teresa Impson, Marlene Kenady, Carolyn Kennedy, Michelle Kiser, Rick Loper, Guadalupe Luna, Barbara McArthur, Bill McDonald, Teresa Neal, Kathy Nordstrom, Rebecca Owens, Patti Perkins, Donna Rogers, Don Roulain, Laurie Smerud, Randy Smith, Carol Ann Stanley, Richard Verrone, Barbara White

Senators absent: Louisa Arriaga, Gene Bals, Yolanda Coronado, Bobby Davila, Lori Dudley, Maria Fernandez, Travis Findley, Rick Fullerton, Rocky Gauna, Sandy Gellner, Brent Guinn, Marcia Kawecki, Donna Perry, Eddie Ramirez, Ryan Scheckel, David Shuping, Linda Stracener, Kevin Tunnell, Leigh Wilson

Guests: Nathanael Haddox, Mary Jane Hurst

  • Minutes
    • The December minutes are corrected to reflect the new name of the Womens Gym, which was changed to Sports Studies Center.
    • Motion made by Don Roulain to accept the minutes.
    • Seconded by Carol Ann Stanley
    • Motion carries
  • Treasurers Report
    • Motion made by Rebecca Owens to table the Treasurers Report until next month.
    • Seconded by Randy Smith
    • Motion carries
  • Committee Reports
    • Grievance nothing to report
    • Scholarship Jana Atkins Changes were made to the application form and were approved by the Executive Board. A TechAnnounce calling for applications will be issued soon. The deadline is January 15. The Staff Senate Scholarship is for books, so the tuition waiver does not negate the need for this scholarship. So far, two applications have been received for spring. An increase in the number of applicants is expected due to the tuition waiver.
    • Bylaws and Constitution Michelle Kiser tabled until later in the meeting to allow for late arrivals.
    • Communications and Public Relations Randy Smith The newsletter went out the first week of December. Richard Verrone has extra copies for senators to give out.
    • Issues Teresa Neal There are currently two ongoing issues: (1) Parking Fees The Executive Board decided to form an ad hoc committee to suggest a better proposal for parking fees. (2) Fall Break Rebecca Owens report on behalf of the Staff Senate was provided to SGA President Nathan Nash at the last Executive Board meeting. The Staff Senates position is that we are not able to support the SGA proposal as it currently reads. The Executive Board agreed to wait until he can address our suggestions before forming a resolution.

      New issues which will be researched and/or responded to:

      • Sharing sick leave among family members The university already has a sick leave pool. This will be researched further.
      • Employee discounts on individual athletic tickets - The question about discounts for individual athletic tickets was delegated to the Communications and Public Relations Committee in the last Executive Board meeting. Rebecca Owens says this is a simple matter of contacting Athletics, and she is willing to do this.
      • Special parking for pregnant employees A policy is already in place which has a specific protocol. Special parking can be obtained by contacting University Parking Services (formerly Traffic and Parking).
      • Employee/Dependent Scholarship Increase This was requested due to recent tuition increases.
      • Tables and chairs for classrooms An employee requested tables and chairs for classrooms instead of the current small desks, citing the different needs of non-traditional students. Replacing current seating would reduce classroom seating capacity by 30%. Students can request alternate seating arrangements if they are needed.
      • Sidewalks at Drane Hall This falls under ADA compliance. Gene Bals was researching this issue but is not in attendance today.
  • External Committee Reports
    • Academic Council Rebecca Owens The council is studying the new parking fee structure.
    • Faculty Senate Rebecca Owens - Vice President of Operations Max Hinojosa made the same presentation to the Faculty Senate that he presented at the November Staff Senate meeting. The child care issue has been raised in the Faculty Senate, and the Staff Senate has been asked to study it as well. The Faculty Senate has also requested the Staff Senate investigate the possibility of electronic balloting and evaluations.
  • Presidents report:
    • Guest introduction: Mary Jane Hurst has been appointed to a new position, Faculty Assistant to the President. She is a Professor of English and has been at Tech since 1986. She also served as Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences for several years. She plans to attend Staff Senate meetings regularly.
    • Fall Break This issue directly affects staff. Some departments that process graduation information are heavily affected by the new fall schedule. Nathan Nash attended the December Executive Board Meeting, and it was noted that the Staff Senate does not support Fall Break until staff issues are addressed. He has agreed to look at these issues and revise the SGA proposal.
    • Traffic and Parking As of Monday, January 2, Traffic and Parking is now University Parking Services. The change reflects the true nature of the department. It does not handle traffic issues, which are a function of the campus police. The department has set up a new advisory committee and one Staff Senator is requested to informally meet with faculty and student representatives as well as Director Eric Crouch once a month or so to discuss issues. Richard Verrone has also requested a monthly meeting with Mr. Crouch. The February Board of Regents meeting will include a decision on parking fees. Concerned staff members pointed out that increased parking fees will cut or eliminate any salary increases staff may receive. Because of three pay increases in the last two years, there probably will not be a salary increase in the budget next fiscal year. Verrone will continue to discuss merit raises vs. across-the-board.
    • The Board of Regents receives a report at each meeting outlining, among other things, accomplishments of students and faculty. Staff accomplishments, such as attending training/conferences, presenting papers, etc., should also be included here. The Board of Regents needs to know what staff members are doing. Verrone has requested a time slot for the Staff Senate President to address the Board of Regents at their meetings to give a staff update. This decision will need to be made by Chancellors office.
    • Attendance Many people are still on vacation, but attendance is still an issue. Better attendance is needed at the general meeting and at committee meetings. If anyone has an issue with not being allowed to attend meetings, please see Nathanael Haddox.
  • New Business
    • Roberts Rules of Order should be used to conduct Senate meetings. Jaclyn has provided a Roberts Rules Cheat Sheet. These meetings have traditionally been informal. However, it is necessary to become more formal to assure fair representation and appropriate conduct of business.
  • Tabled Business
    • Bylaws Committee
      • A quorum was not present during todays meeting so the second reading of Article VI. Standing Committees is tabled until the February meeting.
      • First reading of changes to Article V Rules of Order; A. Order of Business; 1. Pledge of Allegiance. See Appendix A for full text with changes.
  • Announcements
    • Please exercise appropriate meeting conduct by turning off or silencing cell phones and pagers. Always leave the room to take phone calls.
    • Please wear your Staff Senate name tags when on Senate business or any time it is appropriate.
      Notify Richard Verrone and Rebecca Owens of dates, times, and locations of committee meetings.
    • The next Executive Board meeting will be January 25 at 3:00 p.m. in the Formby Room of the Southwest Collection building. Everyone is welcome.
    • The next Staff Senate meeting will be February 1 at 3:00 p.m. in Escondido Theater in the Student Union basement. Other meeting venues have been investigated. The library reception room has been offered and will be investigated more thoroughly as a replacement site. Most senators are in favor of moving to a quieter location. The movement of chairs on the main floor of the Student Union is a serious disturbance to Staff Senate meetings.
    • SGA President Nathan Nash has been invited to speak at the February Staff Senate meeting.
  • Adjourn
    • Motion made by Marlene Kenady to adjourn
    • Seconded by Barbara McDonald
    • Motion carries

Appendix A

Bylaws Revisions

First Reading

Article V. Rules of Order
A. Order of Business

1. Pledge of Allegiance

REVISED (changes/additions are in bold)
1. Pledge of Allegiance
a. If there is a standard present and the president feels the situation is suited for saying it, then the pledge should be said.
b. If there is not a standard present or the president feels the situation is not suited for saying the pledge, then the pledge will not be said at the beginning of the meeting.


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