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Minutes for June 07, 2006

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I. Call to order

President Richard Verrone called to order the regular meeting of the Texas Tech University Staff Senate at 3:00 PM on June 7, 2006 in Student Union Building - Escondido Theater .

II. Roll call

President-Elect Rebecca Owens conducted a roll call. The following senators were present: Arriaga, Barron, Blackmon, Byrd, Davis, Dudley, Gellner, Hurtado, Impson, Kawecki, Kiser, Loper, Luna, Neal, Nordstrom, Owens, Perkins, Perry, Rando, Rogers, Roulain, Scheckel, Smith, Stanley, Stracener, Verrone, White, Wilson . The following senators were absent: Bals Burrell, Coronado, Cunningham, Davila, Epperson, Fernandez, Findley, Gauna, Hall, Hunter, McArthur, McDonald, Ramirez, Shuping, Tunnell, Winn The following guests were present: Dr. James H. Smith, Faculty Senate President; Ryan Worley, Student Government Associate President; Nathaniel Haddox, Staff Ombudsman; Margito Arguello, Staff Member; Dr. Mary Jane Hurst, Faculty Liaison to the President; Marlene Kenady, Staff Member; Richard Gomez, Staff Member

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

President Richard Verrone read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

IV. Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Barbara White discussed the current account balance and the pending charges. Estimated account balance at the end of the fiscal year is $1,400.

V. Guest Speakers

  1. Ryan Worley - Student Government Association President - President Worley expressed appreciation to the Staff Senate for support over the past year. The SGA will be viewing the following items during the upcoming year:
    1. Scholarship Walk Bricks to raise money for merit and opportunity scholarships
    2. IS 4100 class to prepare graduating seniors for job interviews and career placement
    3. Increase installation of bike lanes across campus
  2. Dr. James H. Smith - Faculty Senate President - President Smith expressed a desire to increase the joint efforts between the three senates. The Faculty Senate will be reviewing the following issues during the upcoming year:
    1. Quality of work life at TTU for faculty, staff, and students
    2. Retention of students
    3. Parking Issues such as location and cost
    4. Daycare options on campus
    5. Electronic balloting
    6. Library issues


VI. Committee Reports

  1. Elections Committee (Kathy Nordstrom) - Committee reports that the recent election had the best return of votes in Senate history with 15.25% of Staff members voting and 480 ballots cast. The following percentage per classification was submitted:
    1. Adminitrative - 21%
    2. Professional - 12%
    3. Clerical - 24%
    4. Technical - 16%
    5. Crafts/Trade - 8%
    6. Service - .5%
    A special election for the Service classification is being held due to a lack of return in the results. The Special Election Ballots will be distributed next week and the text has been translated in both English and Spanish. The Elections Committee announced the new Staff Senators as determined in the May election. [Attachment A]
  2. Communications & Public Relations Committee (Randy Smith) - Committee reports that plans for a summer newsletter are underway. Any Staff Accomplishments to be included should be sent to Marlene Kenady.
  3. Issues Committee (Teresa Neal) - Committee reports that no new issues have been submitted since the last meeting. Pending issues are as follows:
    1. Alternate Service Awards for employees with more than 20 or 25 years of employment. Potential awards include a letter from the President and tickets to sit in the President's Box at a home basketball or football game
    2. Hand Sanitizers - Custodial Services is unable to provide hand sanitizers across campus due to cost. Any staff member wishing to have a sanitizer installed can contact their department head. Custodial Services will install the sanitizers they have in stock with a work order from the department. Pending information on if the department will have to also pay for the refills.
    3. Insect Spraying - Environmental Health and Safety contracts through Terminix for pest control. Information about chemicals used is distributed prior to treatment. If a problem with the chemicals is occurring, the department can request that treatment be performed outside of business hours.
    4. Pedestrian Barrier - A pedestrian barrier will be installed across from the Flint Parking Garage in an attempt to promote better traffic flow. The project should be completed this summer.
  4. Childcare Ad Hoc Joint Committee (Rebecca Owens) - Committee has no plans to meeting during the summer because of the faculty schedule. Different models of childcare assistance are being reviewed by the committee. The committee will also be reviewing the 2000 Childcare Report and updating information contained within it.
  5. President's Report (Richard Verrone) -
    1. The Spring Board of Regents meeting was held in May. The following issues were addressed as a result of the meeting:
      1. the BOR newsletter, which contains a list of staff accomplishments, is currently being sent to selected individuals and the staff members listed. Increase the distribution of this newsletter is being considered. The current newsletter can be viewed on the BOR website.
      2. Interim Chancellor Haragan is preparing the System for downsizing so that resources from HSC, TTU and the System can be brought together and better used.
      3. Interim Chancellor Haragan has a plan to grow the overall size of TTU which includes partnerships with private businesses
    2. Fall Break Task Force - Committee will include SGAPresident Worley and Faculty Senate President Smith along with Vice President for Student Affairs Michael Shonrock. Issues related the Fall Break will be examined.
    3. A meeting with Eric Crouch was held to discuss parking issues. Crouch will be submitting a letter to the Staff Senate Newsletter for the summer edition.

VII. New business

  1. Purchase a brick for the SGA Scholarship Walk

    A brick for the scholarship walk will cost $1,000. There are several budget items that are outstanding that leave the exact amount of funds in the Staff Senate account unknown.  

    Kathy Nordstrom made a motion to "purchase a scholarship brick if approved by the Executive Board at their next meeting". The motion was seconded by Tony Rando. Rebecca Owens added an amendment which made the motion to "purchase a scholarship brick if approved by the Executive Board at the next meeting and if funds are available." 

    Ryan Scheckel made a motion to lay the current motion aside in order to discuss whether the funds should be marked for an opportunity scholarship or a merit scholarship. The motion to lay the current motion aside was seconded by Jaclyn Byrd. It was decided by popular opinion that an opportunity scholarship be designated on the scholarship pledge form.  

    The motion to "purchase a scholarship brick if approved by the Executive Board at the next meeting and if funds are available" was amended to say " The Staff Senate shall purchase a scholarship brick for the Student Government Association Scholarship Walk if approved by the Executive Board at the next meeting and if funds are available and the money shall be designated for an opportunity scholarship." Motion carried.

  2. Officer Elections

    The following Senators were elected to hold Officer positions for the upcoming year:

President-Elect - Kathy Nordstrom by acclamation
Treasurer - Crystal Davis by acclamation
Secretary - Jaclyn Byrd by acclamation


VIII. Adjournment

President Richard Verrone adjourned the meeting at 4:35 PM .

Minutes submitted by: Jaclyn Byrd

Minutes approved by: President Richard Verrone



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July 12, 2006 June 28, 2006

Merket Alumni Center Formby Room, Preston Smith Library

3:00 PM 3:00 PM

Texas Tech University Staff Senate

Meeting Minutes Attachment A

June 7, 2006


New Senators:


Administration - Ron Nail


Clerical -

Margarito (Sammy) Arguello

Melanie Chaffin-Poeling

Maria Vega

Sharon Yeates

Maureen (Moe) Roberson

Michael Gellner


Crafts - Steve Allsup


Professional -

Jessica Carrillo

Michael Glass

Marlene Kenady

Mary Elkins

Janet Veal


Service - Brad Jury


Technical - Amy Boren


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