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Minutes for October 5, 2005

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Senators present:  Jana Atkins, Gene Bals, Estella Barron, Joan Blackmon, Eric Burrell, Jaclyn Byrd, Gerald Cunningham, Bobby Davila, Crystal Davis, Lori Dudley, Travis Findley, Sandy Gellner, Scott Hall, Martha Hise, Teresa Impson, Marcia Kawecki, Marlene Kenady, Michelle Kiser, Rick Loper, Barbara McArthur, Bill McDonald, Teresa Neal, Rebecca Owens, Donna Perry, Donna Rogers, Laurie Smerud, Randy Smith, Carol Ann Stanley, Linda Stracener, Richard Verrone, Barbara White, Leigh Wilson

Senators absent:  Louisa Arriaga ,Yolanda Coronado, Sheryl Epperson, Maria Fernandez, Rick Fullerton, Rocky Gauna, Brent Guinn, Donna Hurtado, Carolyn Kennedy, Guadalupe Luna, Kathy Nordstrom, Patti Perkins, Eddie Ramirez, Don Roulain, Ryan Scheckel, David Shuping, Kevin Tunnell

Guests:  Nathanael Haddox, Tai Kreidler, T. Gilmour Reeve


Kay Whyburn Rhodes, Assistant Vice President, Office of the CIO
Use of Social Security Numbers on campus
The phone book is going to be submitted today and should be back later this month.  The Staff Senate now has a page in the front section.
Last February, TTU finalized a deal to purchase the Banner Student and Financial Aid system.  Tech belongs to the Texas Connection Consortium, a group of colleges in the state the work together to receive support for state mandates.  The current student system, called PLUS, is moving away from being supported over the next 4-5 years.  Tech has the option to move to the Banner system at no charge for the software.  “We researched and recommended that TTU should adopt this system to the Provost and administration.”  It will give everyone web-based access that is always available.  This system will be used by all campuses, since students are shared.  The Banner system has a “Banner ID” that becomes the unique identifier for all students and faculty that uses web for students or web for faculty.  Social Security Number is no longer the primary identifier, although the system would still contain that information.  The project was in planning all summer and kick-off was in September.  The project team is led by  Kerrie Iseral from Information Systems.  Dale Ganus from Admissions is the TTU lead.  Mike Smith is HSC lead.
Tentatively, Admissions will begin using the new Banner system in June 2007 for students admitted Fall 2008.  Registrar and Financial Aid should begin using the system in February or March 2008 for Fall 2008.  TTU’s Financial Aid calendar runs Sept – Aug while HSC’s runs June-May.  HSC (or Tech) cannot be impacted to change fiscal year to accommodate the new system.
The status today is business process analysis training is completed, which trains people to analyze business process.  The training for Banner general is scheduled this fall.  More information is needed about how Banner and Banner ID work and all the interactions with everything else before a timeline can be determined.  Another group has just kicked off an effort to replace the financial and personnel systems.  Since TTU is already agreed to work with the Banner system, this team was formed to research the Banner financial and personnel systems.  Through these three systems, all information on a single person is contained in one record:  student information, personnel information, etc.  A report is due in November on the status of this research, which includes contacting other institutions currently using these systems.
A survey among departments was conducted last spring to determine the extent of social security number usage on campus.  Although all departments are required to respond, some have not yet done so.
A license would be purchased and vendor updates would be provided.  There are many things that go into this, but she doesn’t have any estimates on hand at the moment.  The prices for these systems are negotiated under state contract through the Texas Connection and DIR.  These are discounted prices.  Any applications purchased for sharing between institutions are cost-shared by the institutions on a percentage basis determined by FTE.
There’s always a stabilization period with new systems such as this, and IT staff ends up working lots of extra hours.  The directive and project team is researching changing processes so the baseline system can be used as much as possible.  One way is to look at standardizing processes among campuses.  Banner will be phased in over a period of 9-12 months rather than making a sudden transition.
Distance Learning is not being considered for this system yet.  The higher education portion will need to be considered.
The training in fall is technical and functional.  The lead functional team will begin this training.  Everyone that will use Banner will be trained at some point closer to implementation.
TechSIS will continue being used until the new student system is fully implemented.  They will need to run at the same time for a while.  In Spring 2008, students registering for Fall will register in the new system.  For Summer 2008, they’ll register in TechSIS.
All old data will be converted
Logging into the new system would be accomplished through Banner ID, not Social Security Number.  If the institutions decide to purchase the portal product, Banner ID would be used to access all systems.
HR is involved in data standards group, which is a work team that has to meet and discuss standards for name format, address format, etc.  In the event that all data is shared, it needs to meet everyone’s needs.  Right now, only student information is being considered.  If the Banner personnel system is not purchased, then the effect on personnel will be minimal.  Same with financial system.


Introduction of New Senators – several resignations have been submitted recently, so new senators have agreed to fill these spots.





Presidential Library:  a couple of changes in wording were made to the initial resolution.   The resolution declares support for the Bush Presidential Library.  Also passed resolution for need for resources for hurricane victims.


Tech is still involved in ongoing hurricane relief effort.  T-shirts were sold at Sam’s successfully.  Raider Aid t-shirts are now available for $5.  The money still goes to Red Cross.  Some have donated blood:  please continue to do so. 

No one has yet volunteered to serve as an Amigo. 

Baird Memorial Carillon will be rededicated Sunday, October 23 at 5:30 p.m. at Memorial Circle.  The Techsan Memorial Ceremony will be held at 6 p.m., October 13.  This is a memorial for Techsans who passed away in the last year.  Richard Verrone will read names of staff members.

Verrone is presenting the hand washing issue to President Whitmore at his next meeting. 

The TTU developed a Quality Enhancement Plan called, “a campus conversation on ethics.”  This document was written by a group of faculty and addresses many issues which include staff.  While Rebecca Owens served on the focus group, she pointed out staff had no representation on the committee that developed the plan, and the importance of staff is not addressed in the plan.  Owens suggested that she could serve on this committee in order to represent staff.  The first meeting is today at 5:15 p.m.

Dr. Whitmore and Richard are going to finalize the letter going to everyone’s supervisor.  The letter will address committee service time commitments as well as the time commitment for the general meeting.  Everyone will receive a copy of the letter.  Letters will not be sent to supervisors of alternates.

Lyris e-mail groups have been formed to make it easier for committee members to communicate among themselves.  These addresses are as follows:

Use e-mail group etiquette.  Using the reply button sends the message to every member of the committee.  Don’t unsubscribe unless you drop the committee.  Submit only business-related communication.